Just a Beautiful Day

Album: Rock and Roll is Black and Blue (2012)
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  • This is the lead single from the band's eighth album and reached #10 on the Canadian Rock/Alternative Chart and #30 on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.
  • In our 2013 interview with singer and guitarist Danko Jones (like Alice Cooper, the band and lead singer have the same name), he said: "The song is very lyrically misleading. It's about how I don't like sunny days, I don't like what people consider beautiful days. I was staring outside of the window watching the first good day of the year where the weather was good, especially up in Canada. People were walking around in shorts and T-shirts, and it annoyed me. So I just wrote this song, very Funkadelic influenced. The name of the Funkadelic song I think was 'Red Hot Mama,' but just the way the verses are, that's what started the riff. And then after that, I wanted it to sound like it's an ode to the sunshine and the beautiful day, and everybody loves a beautiful day. But really it's not. It was about how I like staying inside and I like it when the sun goes down and I like it when it's overcast. But I didn't really explain it very well in the song. I should have, I guess. But anyways, that's what that song's about. And that's how it came about."
  • In a 2013 interview with Linea Rock, Jones said that the album's title is "an old title that we had... but we were never able to use it. It's just a statement on how, you know, rock 'n' roll today isn't really the most popular form of music anymore and it's taken its fair share of hits."
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