Album: Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack (2004)


  • Dashboard Confessional leader Chris Carrabba wrote this for the the movie Spider-Man 2. He loves comic books, so he agreed to write the song as long as he could see the movie before it was released.
  • Carrabba wrote this in about an hour.
  • Carrabba told MTV: "When I was watching the movie, I tried to think of it thematically. Not just what's going on at this moment, but what are the broad strokes they are painting with here? There were themes of hope and strife and struggle of a young man trying to become a grown man, and rebelling against what he knows he's supposed to be, and what he thinks he would like to be, and all of that. And that, if you remove the superpowers, is a fairly universal theme." >>
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    Ari - Norwalk, CA, for all above
  • The video combined scenes from the movie with footage of the band performing the song. It was directed by Nigel Dick, whose many clients include The Calling ("Wherever You Will Go," "Adrienne") and Nickelback "Photograph," "Far Away").
  • This was included as a hidden track on the 2006 Dashboard Confessional CD Dusk and Summer.

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  • Charlie from Lewisville"...So turn up the corners of your lips
    Part them and feel my fingertips
    Trace the moment, fall forever
    Defense is paper thin
    Just one touch and I'd be in too deep now
    To ever swim against the current
    So let me slip away (X1000)
    So let me slip against the current..."

    He's obviously talking about Spiderman de-flowering MJ. He wants to part her lips with her finger tips (not something one does to the lips of a mouth) and her "defense" (aka, hymen) is paper thin (easy for him to power through) and then he's "swimming" against her "current" (her orgasming).

    They tots did a porn song for a superhero movie, hahahaha.
  • Kristen from Ov, CaJust a beautiful song. No need to elaborate.
  • Sara from Austin, Txthis song... i heard it ages ago on my alt-rock station and started listening for the sole reason of hearing the song again. it was much later i discovered who sang it and that it was from Spiderman 2. i just now got the soundtrack.
    this is a gorgeous song from a talented singer/group/songwriter. Chris's voice is amazing.
    this song touches me because the lyrics speak about the man i love and how i could make him feel if he would let me. he is my hope on a string...
    (sorry for the long rant. but i loves my musics ^_^)
  • Amelia from Maimi, FlDashboard Confessional is one of the most AMAZING bands I've ever heard! Their new CD, Dusk and Summer, is mind blowing! And Vindicated? One of my favorite songs!
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiathis song got me into this band now i love everything they sing
  • Amanda from Sandusky, Ohat first i thought this was chris selling out big time, but then when i heard his fascination wtih spiderman i reconsidered. its cool that he got to write for something he loves. props to him
  • Linus from Hamilton, On, CanadaIt's about spiderman? That's a drag.
  • Brittany from Richmond, KyI went and saw Spiderman when it came out and just before I got up when the movie was over, this song started to play with the credits and i sat back down again. Enough said. I love this song!
  • Renae from Mill Grove, PaTo me, this song is about much more than Spiderman and comics. It's about the frustration, confusion, and eventual surrender/ realization of what I really am; and the pressing belief that I am changing for the better.
  • Kara from Moro, IlI love it! It makes me think about what it would be like to love someone that much but fully know it could never be.
  • Ashley from Los Angeles, Cai love it,it's very powerful!
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlGood song I'm a superhero/comic book characters junkie and I'm also a big music lover so i sit through the credits and listen to the songs I loved Nickelback's song hero it was good (from the first movie) and this song is great too
  • Michael from Dallas, Txhe says like hope at the end of the song... you can hear it in the acoustic version.
  • Yasmin from Canberra, AustraliaThis song is one of "The songs", if you have to ask what its like, you'll never know.
  • Betsy from Glenview, Ili love this song!!!! it makes me cry (dont ask...)
  • Josh from Reading, PaI like the song, catchy tune, but to short.

    Also air, I think its "My hope...dangles on a string..." I listen to the song and tuned in on the vibrations with a wox line and listened to it a different volumes, yes I believe it is "My".
  • M from W, Australiawhen i first heard it i thought it was an old song, because the quality is just awesome. not old old, just like, 90's stuff. yeh.
  • Air from St. Paul, MnLove the Italian!!!!! he RAWKS!
    p.s. erm..the last he saying "My hope...dangles on a string..." or "Like Hope...dangles on a string..." or " slight hope...danles on a string..."...grr...ive seen all three from big Lyric sites:-| damnit..WHAT IS IT?!?!
    -Air, <---real name
  • Katt from Ontario, CanadaThis is a good song it reminds me of a feeling of relfection and how this guy is trying to convince himself of what he is.
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsSappy, sticky, goo. That's Dashboard Confessional for you.
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, Pathe producers or someone asked Carrabba to write a song for the movie, and when they heard the demo they were blown away, because the very first line had a Spidey reference. (I would have been blown away anyway, just cuz Chris would have been in the same room with me, but still.)
  • Shoni from Saginaw, MiI love Chris and I love his music. I just bought the Swiss Army Romance LP. This Song is great.
  • Chloe from Somewhere, Canadathis liek relates to my life completely, i relate to my so called "body image" issues..hey thats my interperation
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