Far Away

Album: All The Right Reasons (2005)
Charted: 40 8
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  • This song is about how you'll always love that certain someone no matter what. Through fights, and bad times, and how sometimes you can take for granted what you have. Sometimes it takes the threat of death to realize how much you truly love someone. >>
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    Stephanie - Mill Creek, WA
  • According to Nickelback's lead singer Chad Kroeger, this is their very first song about being in love. Their other songs, like "How You Remind Me" and "Because Of You" are only ABOUT love; this song is about being IN love. >>
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    Arianna - Largo, FL
  • This was Nickelback's fourth Top Ten single on the Billboard Hot 100. It did very well on the US Pop, digital, and adult charts, was the only Nickelback single after "How You Remind Me" to not chart on either of the Rock charts. >>
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    Lyndsay - Charlotte, NC

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  • Megan B from Cincinnati, OhioThis song reminds of my very best friend. We started out as pen pals. He lives in Germany. I've known him since I was 16. I am about to turn 40. Unfortunately, we lost contact about 4 years ago. He disappeared. He knows how to contact me. I'm always there for him. I dream of him and I being together. My feelings went beyond friendship. At one time he admitted to me he loved me. I miss him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I dedicate this song to him. Maybe one day.
  • Cathy55 from Boca Raton, FlThis song sounds like a husband took his wife for granted - left her for someone else - realized he was not in love with the new person - hopes to rekindle things with his wife - hoping it’s not too late. He realizes he loved his wife all along and wants to be forgiven since he had been away from her physically, emotionally and spirituality for far too long - he hopes there is one last chance and she will forgive him
  • Chris from California This song really gets to me, it reminds me of my ex we broke up because we lived in different cities and We both don’t drive, so we couldn’t see each other that often, we are friends right now, but it’s not the same figuring we were just in a relationship I liked her since high school, and when I listen to this song, makes me want to run back to her and be with her like we used to be, the part of the song that gets me is “to long to late who was I to make you wait” because we haven’t seen each other while we were together, moral of the story is, I dedicate this song to her.
  • Alex Reinecke from TexasMy husband grew up in California and after meeting in AIT in Virginia,he moved to Texas and we got married, this was the song we danced to. Its been our song for as long as I can remember.
  • Zack from Middletown, Inthis song rings true for me and the girl I wish was mine. It's one of her favorites and mine too and it rings true for me with her and my ex-fiance but the past is the past and I'll always love her but yeah.
  • Danielle from MassachusettsThis music video is one of my favorites. But for me I don't get to see my godfather too often due to his job and the fact we live in two different states but we'll see each other once in a while and talk on occasion. This song summarizes it perfectly.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlOhhh...this is so cute! Love it! Love the message it sends...the lyrics are cute:)
  • Sara from Union City, TnA little on the cheesy side but I do love this song!
  • Joann from Portsmouth, VaTime & Distance is a true test of friendship, have a friend I do not see anymore, but think of her often, do not know where she is, but she knows how ot find me, and true friends are always there no matter the distance that seperates, should not be all one sided but I feel that way sometimes. Just venting, but all is good, just need to be more trusting & put past incidents of stupid acts behind me. But this song is awesome.
  • Jill from Carmel, NyMy husband was killed in a motorcycle accident a year ago... this song brings me closer to him. was always one of our faves
  • Mike from Denver, Cothis song reminds me of my wonderful amazing girlfriend. reminds me of her everytime i hear it. we both listen to this song whenever we miss each other...which is alot. shes my baby, my world, my everything, and more. i love her so much and this song is our favorite.
  • Joann from Portsmouth, Vathis song reminds me of how my friend who dits in jail proberly sits there and having all the time in the world to think about what led up to him being there makes it hard for him cause he thinks she is out there living the life of Riley and he is in limbo so to speak, but if he goes back to what put him there he is nuts. Still will be his friend though.
  • Laurice from Aurora, CoI just looked up the lyrics a few days ago and was immediately reminded of the relationship I have now with my guy. We dated when I was 14 and he was 16 for several months but he moved away. We kept in touch and several times we stopped talking and then would get back in touch. He gave up on me a few times but 5 years later I am in the Air Force and stationed 8 hours away in the same state and he came to visit. We practically fell hard for each other and now I can only see him when we have time and money.
  • Emz from Los Angeles, CaThis song is amazing. It seriously reminds me of the relationship I have with my boyfriend. Even though we fight a lot sometimes, we both know that we're head over heels in love with each other. Nothing can rip us apart. We will be together forever and love each other no matter what may happen.
    If you're reading this, I love you so much forever my baby <3
  • Michaela from Fulllerton, CaOMG! This is one of the best songs of all time! It really reminds me of someone special who I have lost contact with. It really relates to our situation because we both had feelings for each other, but it never came to be. :(. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of him and gives me hope that he still has feelings for me, as I do for him, even though it has been a couple of years since I have talked to him. Anyways, I know that if it is meant to be I will see him again. :)
  • Dakota from Mora, Mnthis is an amazing song, it has so much feeling to it for me, it made me realize how much i love my girlfriend and how much i never want anything bad to happen to her
  • Jade from Cancun, Mexicosomeone i really cared about gave me the lyrics to this song, i made a huge mistake and still miss him today
  • Berto from Northport, Flilove and hate this song for the same reasaon. my girl is so damn far awy an di'm at college and she's still in high school an dour schedules never work out so i never get to see her. she's my angel and my whole world. great song./
  • Molly from Lincoln, Nethis song...wow this song. i listened to it everyday after i moved in with my dad because my mom left s for drugs for 2 years. i felt so far from her. this song makes me cry almost every single time i listen to it. it is amazing. now when i see my mom, we both listen to it and just cry. and you gotta remember. i'm just a teenager and had to go thru this. remember, take advantage of what you have now, because it can go away n a matter of a short time.
  • Cynthia from Belfast, United KingdomThis song is about how you'll always love that certain someone no matter what.

    I wanted
    I wanted you to stay
    'Cause I needed
    I need to hear you say
    That I love you
    I have loved you all along

    It tells us that someone is wanting his/her love one back. And wanting them to say that you him/ her aswell even though they might not feel the same way..

    "And I forgive you
    For being away for far too long"

    This part tells us that the he/she is forgiving him/her for leaving and you will still love them no matter what they do to you.

  • Lithium from Boca Raton, Fl right now im listing to this song and it touches me in a way. i met a girl in ohio she is both preaty and the nicest girl i ever met but i was just visting thier for vancation and now im back here in florida and we both email on the computer and talk to each other on the phone and both like each other so much but we are to "far away and to far too long". so far away from her i miss her so much and i wish she would be my girl friend but we can't because we are to far away :'(. she says we can be friends but i wasn't the only one that is sad because she is too. so far way. love this song about being in love for the first time but cant love no more because she is too far away
  • Landon from Winchester, OhThis song makes me think of the girl at school I've in love with right now. She's kind of Joho Wittnesses (or something like that), so she's kind of different than everyone else. She seems to be flirting with me, but with all the other guys as well. This song tells me that I might have a chance with her, but she's been "Far away for far too long." I'll be an 11th grader next year and hope to get together with her before I graduate, as I interpret in the line "Stop breathing, if I don't see you anymore."
  • Rachael from K-town, TnThis is my absolute favorite song of all time. When I hear it I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I fell for someone harder than I ever have in my life years ago and this was the first song he and I danced to. And I still love him (as I have since the day we met), even though he feels "far away" alot of the time, because he is hurting. But I'll always forgive him and be waiting deep down. I don't use to l-word very often btw.
  • Milagros from Córdoba, ArgentinaI absolutely love this song!! I listen to it all the time. It makes me think of someone I really love. It's fantastic, thank you Nickelback!
  • Jess from Harrisburg, PaThat it can make you cry... diddo on the whole being in love with someone who lives so far away..
  • Jeannette from Milwaukee, WiThis song is fantastic. My love is away in the military and I get a huge grin on my face whenever I hear this song. It hits me hard and makes me really appreciate what I have. To overcome rough times, and the start of our lives, this song hits home. :)
  • Teya from Cedar Park, TxThis song is so amazing. i cried the first time i heard it, it reminds me of the guy i love, 1000 miles away & id give anything to have him now.
  • April from Athens, TxThis song is kind of a life story for me & my love. The short version is...We met when I was 14, he was 17; then I was sent away & he didn't know where I was. Over the next 21 years, we never once forgot about each other & we never stopped loving each other. Just 2 months ago, the same person who introduced us got us back together. The old feelings came back when we saw each other...but a lot stronger. Now we are preparing to spend the rest of our lives together...just as it should be!
  • Mousie from Stafford, VaThis song is so great! The first time I hear it I was automatically thinking about my husband, especially when he was trying to work at a jail and would have to go away and train for I think 8 weeks or so. Luckily he didn't end up doing it and I still have the sexiest man in the world to hold in my arms and think of every time this song comes on! <33333
  • Marcelo from San Jose, Otherthis song is the best...it reminds me of my little princess...I dedicated it to her...my girl...she is gorgeous...
  • Ben from Cincinnati, Ohgive me a break. this song is a rip-off of "chloe dancer / crown of thorns" by mother love bone.
  • Tori from Chicago, Ilthis song is so awesome
  • Jess from Depths Of HellI cry everytime i hear this song.. it's just such a beautiful song ^_^
  • Jackie from N/a, MdI absolutely LOVE this song and I listen to it ALL the time. It makes me think of my best friend who I miss SOOO much. I sometimes cry when I hear the song cause it also makes me think of my grandmother and my father as well cause my grandmother died this yr (2007) and my father died in 2001. This will always be my #1 song.
  • Marr from Prestonsburg, KyNickelBack Rocks my Socks!!!!
    I loves this song oh so much!!!
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Miwow...this describes me and my crush to a t! omg!!! i love it!!!
  • Rhys from Newport, Walesthis song is awsome its just my xs and her bfs song now so that is kinda not so good ahh well its still a good song but animal and how you remind me and someday are the best in my opinion and the person who wrote this is chad kroeger i think anyway if anyway thinks different let me know
  • Falyn from Okc, OkI LOVE this song!! It is great. I cried the first time I heard the song and watched the video. I even cry now when I listen it, which is like daily. I would die without music!!!
  • Paige from Wooster, Ohok does anyone know the name of the person that wrote this song b/c my boyfriend is tellin me he did but idk some one tell me plz!!!
  • Megan from Lincoln, NeI love this song, it just hurts to listen to because it was played at my boyfriend's funeral, so it kinda sucks!
  • The Reaper from Bodom, MnThere are much better Nickelback songs...

    Silver Side Up and The Long Road>All the Right Reasons

    I don't really know what 'Curb' and 'The State' are like.I've heard a song off 'The State'...It was called "Leader of Men".It might be the most popular song off that album...at least the only one that actually gets played on the radio...that I can recall,anyways.
  • Shari from Columbus, OhMy love is 1200 miles away in Colorado and this song just floors me every time I here it. This song is so intense, it brings it all home to me. I was just out to visit him and this whole CD is his favorite and when this song started we both looked at each other with tears in out eyes. He will be back here in a month and listening to this song makes me feel his love for me.
  • Devin from Guy, Arthis is my song to my babygirl, ashley. i'm sorry for being so far away.
  • Axl from Skegness, Englandjust an awesome song n so full of feeling, great song one of the songs i listen to when im missin my g/f
  • Kimberly from Loris, Sci love this song!!! i listen too it everyday i have it on my mp3 player it is the best song and it can make you cry once you start to listen to the words!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Salem from Wilmington, NcI love this song! ^o^
  • Mckenzie from Presque Isle, MeHey! I love this song it is the most goodess song i've ever heard.. I love it!
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