Album: Before These Crowded Streets (1998)
Charted: 75


  • This is about spending all the hours of the night with a woman, never wanting it to end, and the feelings that come when you fall in love. Feeling like dancing, feeling like telling her everything that's on your mind, feeling like you don't know if your right side up or upside down, feeling like driving till morning comes. It doesn't have to be a woman, it can be about love for anyone. >>
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    Channing - Minneapolis, MN
  • This was edited down to about 4 minutes for airplay - it's over 8 minutes on the album. >>
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    Adrian - Wilmington, DE
  • Because the band booked the studio before they had any songs ready, no one knew what to expect from one day to the next. Boyd Tinsley, the band's violinist, recalled: "I didn't even know about the violin solo on 'Crush' until about the day before I played it."
  • In an interview with Michael D. Vogel of Vogelism, Matthews explained how a lot of frustration leaked onto the album, and used this track as an example. "There are songs like 'Crush' that are more of a worship-of-women-type of song," he said. "I feel that I have worked my whole life to get to the point where I should have a good understanding of women. But I'm still trying, and although I think I'm a little closer, as any guy knows, we still have a long way to go."
  • According to the DMB Almanac, Matthews got the idea to open the song with the word "crazy" from the Willie Nelson-penned hit "Crazy."
  • Jay-Z has called this one of his favorite DMB songs. When told this fact during a 2004 Playboy magazine interview, Matthews replied: "Are you kidding me? You have no idea how much joy you just brought me, because I love Jay-Z. I hear a genuine kindness and humor in his music. Jay-Z was sitting next to me at a club in Florida, and I didn't have the balls to go up and say, 'Man, you're a badass.' That's what a spineless prick I am. He was busy, you know. My friends and my wife were like, 'Go and say hello,' and I'm like, 'No, he's busy having dinner. Leave the guy alone.' And then after he left I was like, 'I'm a dickhead.'"

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  • Joe from (current Location) Oc California, (grew Up In) West Hartford CtI used to go to the 3-night DMB concert events in Hartford CT back in 1999, 2000, and 2001 and I went simply because of the fact that it was a MASSIVE 3-day long festival of music, friends and lots and lots of pot and potheads... I have never ever been a fan of the band or Dave Matthews himself but when I heard this song live during one of those shows I literally had an "other worldly" experience. It was truly magical - the stars above, the cool summer new england air, the tens of thousands of people all together....and I still to his day do not like *any* DMB music; that is, except for the experience that this song provides me with and how it transports me back to those amazing summer nights.
  • Juan Arroba from Boca RatonI know not that many people are going to agree with me because this is really hard to catch, but I think this song was inspired by Kenny Rogers' song "Lady" written by Lionel Richie. Anyone else hears this???
  • Robert from Cincinnati, OhScott, Columbus, OH said "VH1 has a show called "Storytellers" and Dave did this song during that special. It was only him and Tim Reynolds with guitars and it was simpy amazing....Definitely my Fav version of this song. I'd recommend seeing that special for anyone who is a fan of DM's music. You may be able to get it on CD as well."

    I agree 100%. IMO better than the album simply for the musicianship of Tim/Dave. Slightly shorter (6 minutesish) but very good. My fave version by far.
  • Jo from Belleville, NjCrush is my absolute favorite DMB song. This song describes love perfectly and that is why it is our wedding song. From the instrumental at the beginning to the very last word....just MAGNIFICENT! And if you have ever heard it will put you in a dancing trance!
  • Kristine from Shelton, CtThis song is about being with the one that you love, the one that crushes you, the one that takes your breath away. That is why the song is Crush, when you get crushed, your breath is taken away. Ever have that feeling??
  • Sydney from Cincinnati, OhOver the summer I was working with my ex boyfriend and my best friend, his new girlfriend.
    Well, we were allowed to bring our own music to play and this song was a on a mix I brought in. I remember just wishing he'd ask for me back..
    When this song was playing I was just thinking about him, and missed how things used to be.

    He never asked back out, but I always think of him when this song comes on.
  • Mia from Tulsa, Oki may very well be a big, smooshy sap of a woman, but if a man ever said to me, "lovely lady, let me drink you please" and meant it ... i would melt in a puddle of myself all over the floor. dave sure knows how to write a song for a woman!
  • Dave from Jeffersonville, InBeautiful song, poetic. I wonder what he was referring to with beating back the pain? Was this simply stating that there is pain in life but that their super duper force of love will overcome any pain they should experience?
  • Peter from Staten Island, NyGreat song can only appreciate it if you listen to the whole thing, not the edited radio version that is much shorter
  • Mackenzie from Blessington, Canadai love the chorus "crazy jsut thinkin, knowing that the world is round." helps me relieve stress
  • Bella from Wmspt, PaI agree with everyone who loves this song or says that Dave is a musical genius! I fell in love with this song when I first heard it and loved it for two years before I even knew who sang it. Then when I found out who it was that was like a flood gate I went out and brought all his CD's and have been a fan every since!
  • Sam from Aaa, Njmy favorite song.. i really want to hear it live
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiafter listening to this song some more, ive realized, this is possibly the song with the most beautiful lyrics ive ever heard. crash into me by dmb is my favorite song, just because, its well, incredible, so gorgeous, but this song has such amazing lyrics. every line is stuning and quotable. each line could be its own, like, valentines day card, but not in a cheesy way, in a beautiful way. my fave version, as i and others have said before, is the acoustic tim reynolds version. i lovethe line "and i wonder this, could tomorrow be as wondrous as you there sleeping?" and "let's go drive till morning comes, watch the sunrise, and fill our souls up." i really love them all. but my favorite line of all time is: ""its crazy, im thinking, just knowing that the world is round, and here ill be dancing on the ground, am i rightside up or upside down? is this real or am i dreaming?" its just so beautiful, the way he sings it, its so passionate. i love that line, it could be my fave lien from any song ever. its incredible. amazing, amazing song. amazing lyrics.
  • John from Cleveland, TnGreat song, I think it's the first song that pulled me into the DMB world. This song was written about Dave's girlfriend at the time, Ashley, which is now his wife and mother of his children.
  • Scott from Columbus, OhVH1 has a show called "Storytellers" and Dave did this song during that special. It was only him and Tim Reynolds with guitars and it was simpy amazing....Definitely my Fav version of this song. I'd recommend seeing that special for anyone who is a fan of DM's music. You may be able to get it on CD as well.
  • Liz from S Windsor, Ctdave matthews is a lyrical and musical genius. the end
  • Jeremy from Clay, NyThe acoustis version with sir tim renyolds and dave matthews is definatley alot better in my opinion then with the full band, tims solo in the acoustic version is mindblowing
  • Izzie from Lala, Hihas anyone heard the acoustic version. or just this different version without a lot of the intruments. i liek that version. the normal is more low and like depressed or smoky sounding. the acoustic i think is somehow prettier and not as slow. i think it was recorded from a live performance. my favorite line is "its crazy, im thinking, just knowing that the world is round, and here im dancing on the ground, am i rightside up or upside down? is this real or am i dreaming?" in my mind it makes me think of a romantic night spend snuggling in front of a fireplace and drinking wine.
  • John from Philadelphia, PaThis song is amazing....the end with the instrumentals makes it that much better
  • Tom from St. Louis, MoI love Dmb, this is a great song...I can listen to it over and over because it's so powerful and moving.
  • Cody from Athens, OhI agree my fav DMB song with quite possibly one of the most influential lyrics for me anyway.
    "So much you have given love
    That I would give you back again and again
    Meaning I'll hold you
    And please let me always"
    influential in my case at least
  • Desirae from Harrison, Ohthis is a beautiful song about loving someone or something, it's my favorite Dave Matthews song
  • Derek from Raleigh, Ncthe bass riff at the beginning kicks ass too
  • Dan from Port Jervis, NyDave wrote this song for his wife Ashley, although they were not married at the time.
  • Greg from Mentor, Ohthis is a song about when are with someone you love. it is the feeling that u never want to end. this is a beautiful song and one of the best written by dave matthews
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