Somebody Other than You

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  • Political songs have been a staple of David Crosby's discography for many years. Here, the longtime social activist condemns the guileless politicians who send other people's children to war. Crosby explained to Classic Rock magazine:

    "There are these politicians in Washington who are run by the corporations, 'cause corporations gave them the money to get elected, and they send our kids off to war. Now they and the corporation that owns them couldn't give a s--t less about the death, about the guy who got his shoulder blown off. To them, that's just the cost of doing business. That's just keepin' the quarterly report good. They don't care. I do. I'm deeply offended by the fact that these politicians send your kids and not theirs. I think that that's pretty evident in the song.

    You know, you can't do a steady diet of this stuff. Somebody used to tell Neil [Young] that but you have to – look, our main job is to make you boogie [Laughs]. Our main job is to take you on a little emotional voyage, give you windows into stuff. Occasionally our job is to go back to our troubadour times and be the town crier and say, 'Hey, it's 11:30 and this isn't okay. You've just selected somebody that's gonna nearly destroy the country. Aren't you watching?' That's part of our job. It's only a small part."
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