In Any Tongue

Album: Rattle That Lock (2015)
  • David Gilmour explained to The Sun the meaning of this song, which contains anti-war lyrics penned by his novelist wife Polly Samson. "It's about the futility of it all with part of it people who are sitting here in the UK or the States flying drones over other parts of the world," he said. "They're sitting in the comfort of a little control room, playing with a joystick and then going home and having a curry."

    "I can't imagine what goes through their minds when they get home, whether they're convinced of the correctness of what they're doing or whether they have some regrets.," Gilmour added. "They're brilliant words by Polly. The pain, the sorrow, the regrets are everywhere for everyone on every side of this multi-sided coin."
  • One of David and Polly's four sons, Gabriel, makes his recording debut playing piano on this song, but he's not following in his father's footsteps. "He's a beautiful piano player and he learned things by ear and plays the entire Dr. Who songbook but he has such a lovely touch and plays so beautifully that I asked him to play on this track," Gilmour told the Canadian Postmedia Network. "(But) he wants to do something else in life. He's into stage design and set design and he'll be somewhere in the theatre and film industry I guess."


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