Straight A's

Album: Give Me Convenience OR Give Me Death (1980)


  • Long before bullying became a huge issue in America, this song took on the topic of teen suicide and the underbelly of American school culture. In the song, a teenager with top grades is tormented by his classmates and contemplates suicide.

    It was written by Dead Kennedys guitarist 6025, known to his parents as Carlos Cadona. He was with the band from the summer of 1978 until spring of 1979, and wrote a few of their songs, providing an alternative to Jello Biafra's politically charged lyrics.
  • Dead Kennedys performed this song live in 1979 at a popular San Francisco Punk venue called The Deaf Club. This performance became part of a 1980 compilation album called Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club, which also featured DK performances of "Police Truck" and "Short Songs" as well as songs from other Punk bands. "Straight A's" later appeared in studio form on their Give Me Convenience OR Give Me Death compilation album. >>
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    Dan - Harrison, NJ

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  • Richard from San Diego, CaThis song was recorded in 1979. Give Me Convenience... was a compilation of non-album tracks released after the band had broken up.
  • Zach from Easton, PaThis was written by their original rhythm guitarist, 6025, along with "Ill in the Head", "Forward To Death", "Short Songs", and probably others I forget.
  • Sid from BirminghamTwas me who got this song added. I love this song beyond all doubt and it is easily one of their best live singles out there, only to be bested by "Pull My Strings"
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