Electric Youth

Album: Electric Youth (1989)
Charted: 14 11
  • The title track of Debbie Gibson's second album is about empowering the young generation. As a teenager herself, Gibson felt that the beliefs and ideas held by the youth were just as important as those held by adults. It also reminded them that the future belonged to the youngsters, or the "Electric Youth."
  • Gibson recalled to Billboard magazine regarding the song title in January 2014: "That was one of those channeled titles that I feel was meant to be a phrase infused into pop culture at the time. I never really put any thought into coming up with it. Literally, it, and the song, dropped in and I looked up to the sky, waved and said 'thank you! To me, that's how anything inspired comes. If you and your thinking get out of the way, the universe provides what is supposed to be and it comes on through."
  • Most of Gibson's early hits, including "Out Of The Blue" and "Foolish Beat," are about finding or losing love. "Electric Youth" went in a different direction, with Gibson calling for her generation to be heard.
  • The big hit from the album was the first single, "Lost In Your Eyes," a ballad that went to #1 in the US. "Electric Youth" was released next and was less successful, peaking at #11.
  • Gibson is credited as a director on the video along with Jim Yukich, who did most of her videos around this time. In the clip, Gibson shows off some of the looks and moves that would earn her the role of Sandy in the West End production of Grease in 1993.
  • In 2008, Gibson started a summer camp for kids called Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth. At the camp, kids develop their musical talents, often working with Gibson and other mentors to write songs.


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