Johnny's Band

  • When guitarist Steve Morse originally came up with the idea for this song it was more poppy. However, not all the band liked this first incarnation. Bassist Roger Glover recalled to TeamRock:

    "Ian Paice thought it was a bit flippant, but Ian Gillan loved it, and eventually we decided to do it. We knew what the meter of the song was going to be, and realized it needed something really strong over the chorus to make it work."
  • For the lyrics, Glover thought about VH1's Behind The Music, and how every band seems to have the same story. He explained:

    "They start with nothing, then they get some success, then they get huge success, then drink and drugs and women destroy them, then they end up suing each other, then 20 years later they get back together again because they realize it was the best time they ever had. Johnny's Band is the story of every band. It's a universal story. But it's not about Purple! There's a reference to Louie Louie in the guitar solo that places it firmly in the '60s."
  • The song's music video tells the tale of a band on their way up and down in the music business. The clip was scripted and directed by Craig Hooper and Collin Games, known from the Deep Purple movie documentary From Here To InFinite.
  • In the video, one of the members of Johnny's Band gets a plateful of SpaghettiOs thrown in his face. The scene references an infamous Deep Purple moment when an angry Ritchie Blackmore, who played guitar for the band until 1993, smashed a dish of spaghetti in Ian Gillan's face. Apparently, pasta fights are prevalent in rock: Guns N' Roses named their 1993 album The Spaghetti Incident? after a similar scenario between Axl Rose and Steven Adler.


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