Black Moon

Album: B-Sides And Rarities (2005)


  • From the liner notes, lead singer Chino Moreno: "This song was the very last thing recorded for the White Pony sessions. I remember getting a call from B Real (from Cypress Hill) asking me if I had finished recording the lines he had asked me to speak for the song 'Rock Superstar.' I told him that I was finished, though I hadn't actually gotten around to doing it. He said, 'Cool, I'm right around the corner from the studio. I'll swing by and pick it up.'

    So I quickly ran into the vocal booth and asked Terry to hit 'record.' I recorded around two minutes of me rambling on a DAT and literally ejected the tape as he walked in. Anyway, that same day I asked him if he would be down to record some vocals for a song 'Crook' and I had been working on titled 'Black Moon,' and it would be sort of like a trade for the thing I had done for 'Rock Superstar.'

    I ended up feeling kind of bad because the original version of 'Black Moon' was like five long verses. So he sat wrote three full pages of lyrics compared to my couple sentences. Some trade. I just recently got a copy of what we did and edited it down for this record. Cypress has and always will be some of my favorite rap s--t. I felt truly honored for the opportunity to work with B. I want to do it again." >>
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