Could Get Dangerous

Album: Space Age Blues (2010)


  • This is the first track from Space Age Blues, the second album from Devon Allman's band Honeytribe. A devastating earthquake hit Haiti while they were recording the album; that event dominated the news and gave Allman the idea for this song. "Between that and the Twin Towers, that whole decade, all of a sudden everybody was walking on eggshells," he said in our interview. "School shootings and everything seemed to escalate and I thought it was time to address it in a way. It's tough 'cause you don't want to get political but you want to touch upon it. So I think it's kind of a thing that anybody can relate to: things are getting dangerous, and hey, we're in this s--t together."
  • Huey Lewis played harmonica on this track. This was a spontaneous collaboration, as Lewis was recording at the same studio (Ardent Studios in Memphis) when he heard what Allman was recording and asked if he could play on it. Allman is a big Huey Lewis fan and was thrilled to have him participate. He says Lewis "played his ass off" on the track.


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