End Of Night
by Dido

Album: Girl Who Got Away (2013)
  • This dynamic track might sound upbeat, but lyrically it is a rather vicious song about someone who upset the singer. The tune was written by Dido and produced by Greg Kurstin, whose previous credits include collaborations with Kesha, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen and Marina and the Diamonds. She told Canada.com: "It takes so much to actually annoy me — someone could keep jabbing at me and I won't get annoyed — but once someone has crossed me one too many times it's not great. So this is a song where I came into the studio and this one person had just betrayed me really badly and I felt I just had to just say how I feel about it. I don't usually do that in such a direct way, but this is a real direct attack on somebody."

    "The amazing thing is they then heard the song, loved it and had no clue it was about them," continued Dido. "They still have no clue! One day I'll probably get drunk and tell everyone who it's about, but not today."
  • The song was released as the second single from Girl Who Got Away. "The first day the album was out there fans said this should be the next single, so that was that," Dido told Digital Spy. "It's great having that instant reaction - I've never had that on my previous albums as Twitter hadn't really got going during my last record."


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