• This is the title track from American heavy metal band Disturbed's fifth studio album. Lead singer David Draiman explained to Artist Direct that the song "deals with the memory of a lost loved one driving you to the brink of insanity, yet that memory is a haven for you. It's also a safe place that you go to hide in. So while you're trapped within the memory on a certain level, you don't want to be set free of it."
  • The opening instrumental "Remnants" segues into this cut. Disturbed bassist John Moyer told Artist Direct the two tracks were originally written as one song. He explained: "Really, it's all one song. That's the initial way it was written, and that's how you're supposed to listen to it with 'Remnants' going right into 'Asylum.' However, we realized there was a point there where we could separate the two tracks if someone doesn't want to listen to the beginning instrumental section and instead go right to the aggressive part. To us, it's one song, and we perform it that way live. It's from the mastermind of Dan Donegan! He's a great songwriter; he wanted to start somewhere different for us. He has no intention of writing the same song twice. You're never going to hear us write another 'Down With The Sickness.' In his quest to expand what we do as a band, this is a natural progression. We've never done a song with a slow beginning that kicked into this aggressive metal epic. It takes you on a journey, and that was Dan's goal writing it. Lyrically, it was one of the first songs that David was inspired by. It sets the tone for the record and the live show. In our show, we're incorporating aspects of video and imagery that we've never done before. We're trying to take what people think they know about Disturbed to the next level. It's something we've never done before and our audience has never seen us do. 'Asylum' really lends itself well to that."
  • Asylum was Disturbed's fourth consecutive studio album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, a feat achieved by only two other rock groups in history: Metallica and the Dave Matthews Band.

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI saw them open with this (Remnants/Asylum) on the Music as a Weapon V tour. Really cool. I was in the moshpit and Dan looked right at me during the "look in my face/stare in my soul" part of Stupify.
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