Album: Indestructible (2008)
Charted: 72
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  • This song was written for the American troops serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Guitarist Dan Donegan explained to Artist Direct why this was made the title track on the album: "That title kind of came a little bit later in the recording process, which is kind of odd, because usually going in, we have some idea of what we want to call the album. It changed around a little bit this time, because of that particular song's lyrics. As we were tracking the music for it, David re-approached what he was doing vocally, and we changed the title. As it all came together, it just seemed appropriate, not only as a song that is more directed towards troops, but toward the band as well. We've been together collectively since 1996 - and I've been with Mike (Drummer Mike Wengen) since 1992, actually—so we have a long history together. To be able to maintain and achieve some success in this business - not to be cocky in any way, but we feel the we've been fortunate and blessed to be making good moves and making good music to keep the fans interested - especially an industry where a lot of bands are struggling or suffering and the industry in general is suffering. By being out, touring, working hard and gaining that fan base, we feel we've been able to rise above the downsides of the business and maintain what we're doing."
  • Frontman David Draiman explained to LiveDaily why he decided to name the album Indestructible: "There are two meanings to the name. One is it's a record meant to inspire indestructibility, meant to inspire strength and to strip you of your fear. The other is that it's a statement of the fact that we're still around. We're one of the last leviathans from the dawn of nu metal that are still standing, that were never really part of the genre to begin with. We're still here and still viable and are doing what we do at the level that we do it."
  • The album's spirit of perseverance also arose from David Draiman's personal experience in overcoming a series of obstacles - including a motorcycle accident, a garage fire, and a number of bad relationships - during a particularly rough few years. To reflect the album's confrontational tone, Draiman instructed his bandmates to "give me your darkest, nastiest, aggressive tribal rhythmic shit you can."
  • This was the first Disturbed album to be produced by the band rather than Johnny K, who helmed their first three releases. They did, however, still record the songs at the producer's Groovemaster Studios in Chicago.
  • This was the album's third single. Aside from peaking at #72 on the Hot 100, it reached #2 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #10 on the Modern Rock chart.
  • The music video, directed by Noble Jones, is a chronicle of war through the ages as soldiers progress from battling with spears to fighting with modern weapons. Jones also directed clips for the Goo Goo Dolls ("Better Days"), Keith Urban ("Til Summer Comes Around") and Taylor Swift ("The Story Of Us").

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI agree with Nick from Australia that Indestructible is the best Disturbed album (in my opinion). Every song is equally as good as the last one and the vocals and musicianship is top-notch. Also, Matt from PA, I think you got the right attitude it could be a song about inner strength/self empowerment. Disturbed along with Godsmack and SOAD are my favorite metal bands of the 00's-10's!
  • Dave from Usa, TxWhen I was a newly promoted sergeant leading patrols in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan (and a long way from help if i got in trouble) I listened to this song before every patrol to pump myself up and remind myself that I wasn't allowed to show fear... There is no better song out there for helping find your backbone...
  • Aaron from St. Louis, MoHell of a song!!
  • Nathan from Marengo, Inthis song reminds me of my brother Eric, he's pretty much indestructable
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaAll their albums are bloody fantastic, but in my opionion, Indestructible is hands down their best album yet. They meant it when they said that the album is pretty much trying to blend the sound of their previous albums. The video is great too. I see it as a reflection on the evolution of a soldier and that it ultimately states that through the centuries humans have still stood to this day and remain "indestructible".
  • Greg from Slidell, Lathis song is amazing.i love dans style.he can play some amzing solos...this is wat metal should sound like
  • Matt from Tylersburg, Pa"Indestuctible" is by far one of my favorite songs by Disturbed. I know the song is about war, but the feeling of the song transcends that meaning. It inspires ones's inner strength, courage, and resolve. I feel empowered every time I listen to it. It's like the spirit of the warrior has been embedded into every part of the song
  • Colton from Ellsworth, IlEvery single time I listen to this song, and even more so when I watch the music video, I have this warmth that just spreads from my heart and then all throughout my being. I get this inexplicable feeling of warmth and power and patriotic-ness. I, myself, am not going into the military, but having very close friends who are makes me feel even better. It feels like I know that they'll come back alright, and to me, them being safe is most important. And this song just gives me the feeling that they could actually be indestructible. Thanks Disturbed for giving me a "life-line" so to speak.
  • Jarod from Las Vegas, NvWatch the video... it's not about any one soldier... it's about the spirit of the warrior, throughout the ages. Notice how the one warrior, in each scene is charging into impossible odds. That's what Indestructible means. The spirit of the true warrior will always be with us. When one hero dies, another rises up to take his place.
    The band members, themselves, have all said that this song is dedicated to the warriors. Not just those currently serving... but also to everyone who came before us.

    Dave Draiman also commented that if his song inspires troops, then he's happy. As he put it, he is passionately pro-military, but passionately anti-war. The fact that this song has become the unofficial theme of the US military should make Disturbed very proud.
  • Will from Greenvile, ScI believe that this song is about a soldier telling himself that he is indestructible, so that he will not be afraid when he goes to war.
  • Gabby from Or,It's a good song it got 4 outa 5 thats good!! I have a never ending war against my old friend and new rivls we are friends but we like to see who is better at what its all just play we would never hurt one another thats not who we are- We are who are and in a way thats how people judge others by what we cannot change(Sorry abit off topic there)The important thing is that you don't hurt your friends, and don't laugh at them unless you know them well enough that they know you don't mean it.
  • Anonymous from Someplace, LaThe guy on the cover looks like the illegitimate son of Ghost Rider and a Terminator!
  • Zach from Buckeye, AzThis song RULES! it actually took me awhile to realize this song was about war but it makes sense now that i noticed. thanks to this song, my never ending fight against my roomate has made me feel "INDESTRUCTIBLE" THANKS AGAIN FOR UR GREAT MUSIC DISTURBED!
  • Cody from Chicago, Ilman, this song is unbeliveable...i love it. i have to put it on repeat all the time
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