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  • This cut about an insecure girl trying to crack the password on the DJ's iPhone finds Eric Bellinger crooning the first two verses and the hook. Fabolous raps the third verse in which he prays she doesn't work out the four digits that make up the code.

    There are 256 possible combinations to the iPhone password, so the chances are it will take Mustard's girl some time to crack the code.
  • The song is a track from Mustard's debut 10 Summers album, which he dropped for free on Google Play a fortnight before its official release on August 26, 2014. The title signifies the decade-long stretch of hits the Californian beatmeister has produced during the summer season.
  • Mustard's usual ratchet instrumentation features sparse basslines and finger-snap snares but his beat for this track has a more mellow groove. "I hear a lot of people saying my stuff sounds the same," he told Billboard magazine. "When you're in my position, people come to you to give them the same sound in a different type of way. And once they're happy with it and you're happy with it, there's another hit record. But this album is going to show people I can do whatever type of music."
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