Album: Hot Pink (2019)
Charted: 80 41


  • This raunchy tribute to posteriors originally appeared in March 2019 as a bonus track on the deluxe version of Doja Cat's Amala album. The artist performed that version solo. She later released recorded a remix featuring Tyga, releasing it as the lead single from her sophomore set, Hot Pink.
  • Doja told MTV News her own backside served as inspiration for the song. "Sometimes, I can see my ass from the front," she said. "So then I was like, if you can see it from the front, wait until you see it from the back. And then I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, the greatest hook ever."
  • "Juicy" took less than a day to make with producer Yeti Beats. Doja recalled to Genius: "Me and Yeti were in the studio and I did the keys. I started with the synth and then he arpeggiated it, finished the rest of the beat and killed it. I literally just did the synth and I left and I either fell asleep or something. He just took it away. I trust him with stuff like that, he's really talented."
  • According to Doja Cat, Tyga is one of the fastest writers she's ever come across. She explained to Genius that she sent him the song's beat with an open verse. "Same day, he sent it right back and killed it," Doja said. "It was amazing."
  • The Jack Begert-directed music video shows Doja twerking in numerous fruit-related scenes. The links between fruit and ample posteriors in popular music date back to the rock'n'roll era. Before Little Richard recorded his 1955 hit "Tutti Frutti," he performed it at his shows as "Tutti Frutti, Good Booty."

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  • Skinny White Girl, Sexy Big Butt, Gemini from OhioThe song by Doja Cat called Juicy first caught my attention when I heard it on the radio and I heard the lyric verse, "can't trust a big butt and a Gemini". I watched her interview explaining the lyrics to this song and she never answered exactly what she meant with that. Nothing wrong with her lyrics. I like it but I'm dying to know what she meant.
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