The Captain Of Her Heart

Album: Blue (1986)
Charted: 8 16
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  • Double (pronounced doo-BLAY) was the Swiss duo of Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug, who were active during the mid-1980s. This atmospheric song, about a woman who's tired of waiting for the man she loves to return to her even though she still loves him, was their signature hit and got a lot of air time on VH1, which launched the previous year. Double broke up in 1987 and Maloo pursued a solo career.
  • Little is known about Maloo and Haug except that they were former members of the band Ping Pong, leading to an aura of mystery surrounding the duo, including the fact that they even were a duo. As they began promoting the Blue album, the press was shocked when they met with two musicians instead of the quartet pictured on the album cover. Maloo told the Old School blog: "After the bass player of Ping Pong left the trio, Felix Haug (the drummer) and I looked at each other and saw Double. The concept of doubling ourselves and appearing as four people like on the album cover of Blue evolved later, since we already had released three maxi singles prior to our first album."
  • There were three videos shot for this song, known as the American version, the European version, and the Bollywood version. It was long reported that the American version of the video starred a 15-year-old Denise Richards as the punk girl with cropped blonde hair. This was later revealed to be a Scottish model named Mickey Monroe. The other two girls in the video are played by Marie Seznec and Anna Mosca.
  • "The Captain Of Her Heart" made Double the first Swiss act to land in the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Maloo explained how the song came together: "When we were in the studio recording our first album Blue, Felix played a demo tape he had made a few months before. There was this catchy melody played by an Oberheim synthesizer, very '80s style. I was hooked immediately and couldn't get the lick out of my head. We weren't sure about the final instrumentation yet as we started to record the basic tracks and the engineer suggested that we play the melody first on a grand piano and then decide later on the final sound. Felix played it thinking it was just a guide track for my vocals. It was a first take and I had trouble convincing him later to leave it on tape just the way it was.

    I wrote the lyrics to the playback in no time in the studio. Like a ghost writer. They were just there out of the blue. It was almost spooky. I never thought the lyrics would touch so many hearts around the world and I'm still overwhelmed from all the positive feedback I get through the internet."
  • Maloo told Billboard how the Blue album was born out of the duo's intimacy as longtime friends: "We've known each other such a long time, we don't have to discuss ideas. Demo tapes were dispensed within the interest of spontaneity, and outside musicians were not involved until the final stages."

    He added: "We acted like children. The instruments were not mastered perfectly. But that gave us the chance to discover things."
  • Maloo re-recorded this song for his 2013 solo album, Loopy Avenue.
  • Maloo on the song's distinctive melody: "When 'The Captain of Her Heart' became a million-seller I asked Felix what had inspired him to come up with a melody like that. He said he was sitting at his piano in his apartment on a sunny day in spring, windows wide open. On a near tree outside there was a blackbird singing the first two notes of the melody repeatedly. He caught the notes… E…G…E…G…E…G… and started to jam to the blackbird's singing until he had that final lick that sticks like glue once you've heard it."

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  • Mike R from Missisippisome may interpret this song as a sequel to the old 'looking glass' 1972 hit 'brandy'. i guess brandy got tired of waiting for her man to return home from the sea.
  • Carol from North CarolinaA beautiful song that brings me beautiful memories of my husband and me in Florida!
  • Kevin D. from ArizonaWho is the blonde in Bois de Boulonge park in Captain of Her Heart video ?
  • Joanne from UkI remember hearing this song in the eighties on the radio. I love the melody and only recently found out about 3 different videos which is great. Two of these have a background story behind the lyrics. It certainly takes me back everytime I hear it. It is such a unique song.
  • Rakpartha from Milwaukee, WiLove this song and it always moves me. I was probably love sick over some other girl in high school at the time it was on the charts, and hearing this kind of takes me back to then. By the way, some sources say the young girl looks like Denise Richards, but actually is someone named Mickey Monroe.
  • Jeanettesdaughter from VirginiaWell the life of a prisoners wife is like this song. “Too long ago, too long apart, she couldn’t wait another day for, the captain of her heart.” But you do wait and wait and wait... Your love life is suspended animation. You dwell in possibility- another dimension of space and time eating memory to avoid eating misery. Beautiful tune.
  • Luis Alonzo from Mcallen TexasI heard this song, once or twice, over 30 years ago. I loved it ever since, though I never knew who sang it, until this 2020.
  • Linda Sherrill from Tupelo, Mississippi I was going to the store this morning and turned on my radio when all of a sudden this song from my forgotten past washed over me. It was as though time turned backed for me as long ago music stirred up just the most sentimental memories. I didn’t remember the name of the song or who sang it but realized the title sounded like part of the song. Sure enough, I googled what I thought to be the title and there it was. I’ve been listening to it over and over all morning. Thank you for this incredible song.
  • Resty Mervin from Marikina City, PhilippinesI have heard the song way back in 1985 or 1986, but i never knew that there were 3 videos made for this song. I really love this song. So soothing to the soul.
  • Denver from Colunbia City, Init was weird because the actress looked familair and sure enough it is Denise Richards as a blonde. GREAT song and great video.
  • Jerome from New Orleans, LaI've heard this song forever and never knew who the artists were. Thanks Song Facts for being here. I luv this song.
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