Sweet Poison

Album: Royal Blues (2016)
  • Martina Sorbara and Dan Kurtz of Dragonette got married before forming the group in 2005, but they separated in 2013, something they didn't reveal until before the release of their fourth album, Royal Blues. This song deals with their challenging relationship, which is both toxic and intoxicating. Said Sorbara: "This song came out of an emotional time for us and the story in the lyrics is very defined: love that you can't hold onto nor let go of."
  • The UK producer Dada worked on this track and is listed as a featured artist.
  • Amit Dabrai directed the video, which shows the band performing the song amid a swirl of digital effects. According to Martina Sorbara, she and Dan Kurtz were overcome with emotion and near tears after the first take, as it laid bare their feelings for each other.


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