Jodeci Freestyle
by Drake (featuring J. Cole)

Album: Care Package (2013)


  • Here, Drake links up with J. Cole to spit braggadocios lyrics about rapping their enemies into oblivion. They also compare the adulation of their women to the screaming fans who attended the shows of the iconic '90s R&B group Jodeci.
  • Cole's final verse featured an offensive lyric which was targeted by autism advocates.

    Go check the numbers, dummy, that's just me gettin' started
    I'm artistic, you n---as is autistic, retarded

    A petition with nearly 4,500 signatures was launched online criticizing the line. A regretful Cole issued an apology and the lyric was later removed from the track.
  • Drake includes an interlude spoken by his musician father, Dennis Graham, who once worked as a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. Graham recalls how he and his son used to listen to music in the car.

    I remember you loved Jodeci
    I mean like studied, you even made me a CD

    Graham Sr. can also be heard on the outro of Drake's 2014 track "Heat of the Moment," and can be seen in Drake's video for "Worst Behavior."
  • This was one of four songs Drake dropped out of nowhere on his SoundCloud on June 22, 2013, in anticipation for Nothing Was The Same. It never ended up on the album but Drake included it six years later on his compilation record Care Package.


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