As I Am

Album: Train Of Thought (2003)


  • With lyrics written by Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci, this song is about a guy who affirms that he will not to change just because someone wants him to. >>
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    J - Jackson, GA

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  • Ryan from River Vale, Njmost interesting fact about this song (IMHO), which I'm surprised no one's mentioned anywhere on the internet...

    The main riff (starting at 1:00) and the verses are written entirely in the C Locrian mode (C, Db, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, C). The progression/cadence in each line effectively resolves to the C tonic each time before it repeats, and is strikingly convincing... while the prechorus features a shift to C Aeolian/natural minor (C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb, C).
  • Marcus from Jackson, MiDream Theater is dank, La Brie isn't the best but I actually think he suits the band. And they want him to sing like that. The BAND loves him I think thats the most important. And I actually love these lyrics and melody, but he has his highs and lows..

  • D from Melbourne, Australiato steveb from WA you are missing the genius behind dt and that is their creativity and ability when it comes to music. lyrics are not the forte of the group. listen to the music and in particular analyse the structure of their songs and it is soon noticable that dream theater are creatively the best musicians in the world. "As I Am" exemplifies this.
  • Jason from Boston, Mapetrucci tunes all the way down to C for this one
  • D from Melbourne, Australiato further what j in jackson has said, it is about a guy who wont change, but petrucci has written the lyrics in a deeper more symbolic way. the "guy" symbolises for the band and their musical ways. they have mainly stayed underground despite pressure from record labels to "sell out". the drummer mike portnoy said on the documentary dvd "Score" that "the label has to stay the f*** out of our outside writers...we arent going to them for permission on what is a hit single. everybody get out our way, book the studio time and let us make our f***en record" well spoken rock on dt
  • Chris from Toowoomba, AlThis song is product of musical geniouses. John petrucci and mike portnoy are two of my all time favourite musicians. Its an amazingly tough riff and the solo is INCREDIBLE. From one guitarist to another, John, this song is immortal and will never be topped!!! did i mention i like the song...
  • Steveb from Spokane, WaThese guys are real smart and well trained but the creativity seems a bit lacking a lot of the time... the lyrics are often ultimate cliches, "Don't tell me how to win this fight", "don't try to read between the lines" "something you believe in" and the window metaphor with "i'm on the outside" its all stuff I've heard before repeated over and over again...

    Sorry folks, I just think its corny as all hell...
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis song is awesome the whole train of thought album rocks.
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