Endless Sacrifice

Album: Train Of Thought (2003)


  • This song was written by Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci. It is a love song to his wife where he talks about how he misses her and he also speaks of the sacrifices she makes for him as he is a traveling musician. You can note that the first verse is his wife speaking. The first chorus is also by his wife and the next verse is spoken by Petrucci, with the following chorus also by him. When the song really kicks in it is Petrucci again where he mentions his "Undying Dream" (being a musician and not being able to see her). Some of the lines in this part are shared by he and his wife: 'WE try to make sense of..." >>
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    Men - Cleveland, OH
  • Running 11:23, this is part of Dream Theater's Train Of Thought album, which is steeped in classic metal. By this time, the band had been through the wringer with their record company and had earned the right to call the shots. They spent much of their previous tour covering songs by Iron Maiden and Metallica, and those influences seeped into the album when they entered the studio.

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  • Jason from Sydney, AustraliaThe opening riff is the same as Suicidal Tendencies - How will I laugh tomorrow....when I can't even smile today (heavy emotion version)
    Which was released 1988, a couple of years before Michael Jackson - Give in to me .
  • Chris from Plainfield, InThis song has become my "theme song" if you will...my favorite song EVER...LaBrie's voice in the last couple minutes is the best sounding ever in any song...
  • Lloyd from Manila, PhilippinesJohn Petrucci is a genius for me not only in his instrument as a guitar player but also as a lyricists!
  • Devon from Westerville, OhDream theater is freakin' sweet. they are all excellent musicians. it definitley is a rocking love song
  • Austin from Orem, UtIm pretty dang sure that the song is written for his wife. I mean, cmon, its obvious("I need to see your face, to keep me sane to make me whole"). I have always thought that the strongest part of this song was the lyrics, followed by the amazing guitar playing.Its definately one of the best "love songs" i have ever heard, despite it being so heavy.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaThe opening riff is the same as Michael Jackson - Give in to Me.. check it out
  • Kenneth from Mo I Rana, NorwayI believe this song is a "love song" by John Petrucci, written to his wife, where he awknowledges her sacrifices thorugh their marriage to make him be what he wants to be, and that he'll always remember her endless sacrifice
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