Fall Into The Light

Album: Distance Over Time (2019)
  • "Fall Into The Light" finds the prog-metal masterminds rocking out with a quieter middle bit. Lyrically, it's about the humans' quest towards enlightenment.

    Too much love is not enough for us
    I was once too blind to see
    Too much hope will never be enough
    It's become so clear to me

    Bassist John Myung explained the song's meaning: "It is more about the underlying themes of life's journey and less about what happens once you get there. It is a song of introspection; about looking inside to find your individual happiness."
  • Guitarist John Petrucci told Rolling Stone the riff-driven song is made up of three components, each of which he brought into the studio. Dream Theater then put the three parts together.

    The first component is the opening riff, which Petrucci came up with backstage when he was on Joe Satriani's G3 2018 tour. Petrucci had his signature Mesa Boogie amp with him, He explained that he "dialed in a really heavy sound and that riff came out. I took out my iPhone and I recorded it and labeled it, like, 'Cool Riff in E.' [Laughs] And that sparked the Metallica-esque style of the song."

    The second component, according to Petrucci is "some faster passages that are very riff-y and right-hand-heavy."

    The third component is the orchestral, mellow section in the middle, which gets very melodic. That was something that Petrucci had written in his basement on an acoustic guitar. "I think I called it 'Cowboy Section' because it has a Western-y vibe," he said.


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