Liberated Dream

Album: Second Sound (2014)


  • "Liberated Dream" is the fourth track from Druckfarben's second album, Second Sound. The song was written by the Canadian progressive rock band's guitarist, Ed Bernard. In our interview with Bernard, he told us that he wrote the tune a couple of summers earlier when he had a huge burst of creativity and wrote 13 songs in just two months. "I had a studio here at my place so I just tracked the whole thing and presented it to the band," said Bernard. "It was actually a tricky song to get the vocal melody and the lyrics because the music is so busy."
  • The song lyrically speaks about Bernard's spiritual beliefs. He explained to us why he did not want his beliefs to come at the listener in a heavy-handed way. "Regardless of who writes the lyrics, if people read it and see what the lyrics are saying, they tend to think that that's what the whole band thinks and that's how the whole band feels," he said.

    Bernard went on to reveal that Druckfarben needed to deal with this problem: "There was a moment in the writing of this record where there was a concern that had to be addressed. I didn't want to feel like I was speaking for everybody in the band and I know they didn't want that either."


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