Warwick Avenue

Album: Rockferry (2008)
Charted: 3


  • Warwick Avenue is in Maida Vale, West London. Duffy said in The Sun February 29, 2008: "I can't really explain where Warwick Avenue came from. I've only been there twice, once by accident. I got off at that stop and the name just took me by surprise. The next day, we were writing songs and it just sort of came out."
  • Duffy (from the Daily Star May 24, 2008): "There are lyrics in Warwick Avenue about certain exes. I won't pinpoint the song on any particular person but it was weird hearing it for the first time in public. When I was writing it I felt I got everything out of my system, but being there on the video set I got a bit upset. It came out of the blue. Writing songs can be weird. It's like writing in blood on the wall for everyone to see. And it's real blood because it's your personal emotions that are spurting out."
  • This retro ballad was co-written by songwriter Francis "Eg" White, whose other credits include Adele's breakthrough hit, "Chasing Pavements."

Comments: 3

  • Alistair from Daventry, United KingdomUS listeners will perhaps think 'Warwick' is mis-pronounced in the song but this is the original English way of saying it (we spent years getting Dionne Warwick's name wrong, using our English version). Warwick is a very English town near Stratford on Avon with a fine castle by the river.
  • Maddie from New York, NyI find this song to be about her telling a guy that she's leaving him for the last time and won't be coming back to him.
  • Derek from Cambridge, New ZealandThis has to be one of the best songs of the year. Duffy has such a distinctive voice, a cross between Lulu & Dusty Springfield (both of whom are/were superb artists). Duffy has the emotion that shows in her songs on the Rockferry album...just great!
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