I Got U
by Duke Dumont (featuring Jax Jones)

Album: Single Release Only (2014)
Charted: 1
  • Duke Dumont's follow-up single to his #1 hit, "Need U (100%)" is a summery house tune that samples session singer Kelli-Leigh's version of Whitney Houston's song, "My Love Is Your Love." When DJ Annie Mac premiered the cut on her BBC Radio 1 show, she got so excited that she rewound the tune mid play to play it from the beginning again.
  • The interpolating song also features vocals by up-and-coming London based singer-songwriter Jax Jones.

    Jax Jones was once a member of the band Domino Go, who were briefly signed by Atlantic. However after being dropped, the group disbanded and Jones went back to being a session guitarist. One day, he found himself in the studio with Duke Dumont. Dumont's manager heard he was playing with production on the side, and suggested house music.

    "He gave me a bunch of house compilations and stuff like that, and I just drove my head into it," Jones recalled to Billboard magazine. "The second track I made was the record 'I Got U,' which ended up becoming the Duke Dumont single with me featuring. It changed my life."
  • Duke Dumont told MTV News UK about the inspiration for the tune: "I tend to make summery songs in the winter and winter songs in the summer," he said. "I'm like that typical British person that in the winter that moans that it's too cold and in the summer I moan that it's too hot, so the studio is my escapism."

    He added: "There was no master plan like 'hey I'm a gonna make a summer song and then build a buzz around it in January' - there wasn't much thought process to it!"
  • Dumont explained why he chose to sample Whitney Houston's "My Love Is Your Love." "Personally, I'd say it's one of my favorite Whitney songs, especially the later Whitney period," he said. "It got to a point (during the recording process) where I thought maybe it might be worth bringing a singer in and changing it but I thought you know what, out of respect as (the track) started off working the song around My Love Is Your Love I kept it in."

    He continued: "What's quite nice is Wyclef Jean was one of the writer's of the song and obviously with things like that you need to seek permission to use the vocal and Wyclef is kind of quite tough with his music. He doesn't let people use his music for a lot of things but he was willing for us to use the Whitney recording. That was quite nice getting a little bit of respect from his side. So that was a nice touch to it."


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