Come Undone

Album: Duran Duran (1993)
Charted: 13 7
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  • Lead singer Simon Le Bon called "Come Undone" "a song for anyone who is falling in love for the first time, 'cause when you come, you come undone."
  • Duran Duran isn't just an '80s band: Their melancholy 1993 single "Ordinary World" was a substantial hit, and they followed it up with the languid "Come Undone," which was nearly as successful. These singles appealed to a more adult audience, many of whom grew up listening to the band.
  • The song's music video, directed by Julien Temple, begins with a knot in a purple ribbon coming undone and straightening out quickly as the music begins. The music video was filmed primarily at the Sea Life London Aquarium. Footage of sharks and other fish swimming around in glass tanks can be seen clearly throughout the video. In the video, English back-up singer Tessa Niles plays the role of a woman attempting to escape a bundle of metal chains that are dragging her down into the shark tank. Sharks swim near her as she sings part of the chorus. One of the scenes in the video shows an elderly couple sitting on a park bench. The elderly couple are shown to have escaped as the area floods around the bench. Other footage used during the video includes an alcoholic blonde woman drinking in her kitchen, glass breaking and an automobile explosion. All of the footage, with the exception of the scenes from the aquarium, are meant to symbolize the theme of people's lives unraveling. As the song ends, the knot in an orange ribbon is shown coming undone and straightening out quickly. The screen then fades to black.

    The first fish to be shown in the video is called an arowana.
  • Bass player John Taylor didn't play on this track: the bassline is a synth bass programmed by Nick Rhodes.
  • The song hit #2 in Canada. It also hit #1 in Israel.
  • A snippet of the music video is shown in the 1993 "No Laughing" episode of the animated Mike Judge sitcom Beavis and Butt-head.

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  • Chris from AmericaNicole Marie Lenz is the girl in the shark tank in the Come Undone video, i looked at her face and her birthday, she would be a teenager
    and Tessa Niles would be 35, and Tessa Niles doesn't look anything like the girl in the shark tank, but Nicole Marie Lenz does, so it's her not Tessa
  • Helena from United KingdomThis song to me is so mysteriously beautiful. The way I interpret this in my mind is love for someone who's gone a bit off the rails, a bit unhinged, come undone, and that someone needs love from a dedicated lover, to guide them through their pain. "who do you need, who do you love, when you come undone?"
  • John from South DakotaDoes anybody know what the name of the actress in the 'Come Undone' video is? NOT the video with the fish tank, the other video with the model walking around the apartment, and out in some social setting, also out in an open field. I can't find anything as to who that beautiful lady is.
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