My Girl

Album: Dylan Scott (2016)
Charted: 39


  • Dylan Scott Robinson is a country music singer and songwriter whose hometown is Beekman, Louisiana, a 15-minute drive north from the nearest small town, Bastrop. Scott moved to Nashville to pursue a music career after completing high school and released his self-titled debut on Curb Records in August 2016.
  • Scott penned this tune in around 2012 about his childhood sweetheart, Blair, who became his wife. "I was 15 and she was 16 when we started dating," he told CMT News. "When I sat down to write this song, I wanted to write about stuff that we did together and all the things I get to see in her that nobody else is going to pay attention to but me. I've been with my wife for ten years now. People ask what inspires my music, and it's definitely her."
  • The song was inspired by an incident when Blair was still living in Louisiana and Scott was visiting her. A certain rapper came on the radio and Scott loved his girl's reaction. "She was rapping Eminem when we were riding down the road one day, and I thought it was pretty hot," Scott explained to Billboard magazine.

    When he got back to Nashville, Scott had a writing session lined up with his pal Josh Kerr. He recalled: "I told a buddy, 'Hey let's write a song about that moment right there.' From that moment, it took us to other things that reminded me of my girl."
  • That's my girl, sipping Crown and Sprite

    Dylan Scott admitted to The Boot there's one lyric in this song that isn't strictly accurate. He said: "The only line in this song that isn't true is the Crown and Sprite reference; she doesn't really drink, but it rhymed really good, [and you've] gotta have a little drinking in a country song, so we put that in there. Other than that, it's dead-on to what we've experienced together."
  • Dylan Scott never expected this to be his breakthrough hit. "You know, it's basically a love story between my wife and [me]," he told ABC Radio. "I almost didn't record it, because it is such a love story, a personal story, and I thought, 'Nobody wants to hear that.' So it's kind of crazy how we did record it, and put it out as a single, and here it is on the verge of, could be my very first #1."


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