Way To Break My Heart
by Ed Sheeran (featuring Skrillex)

Album: No. 6 Collaborations Project (2019)


  • Here, Ed Sheeran sings about a girl who broke his heart. He was deeply in love with her, but now he's in emotional turmoil.

    We called time last night
    And I can't stop thinkin' 'bout her

    Sheeran reflects on memories about their relationship and wonders why she broke up with him.

    Did I, did I do something wrong?
    Am I the reason, or have you found someone else?
    So tell me, girl

    Later, Sheeran reveals that the girl was his first love.

    First love never dies
    Guess I'll see you in another life
    12 years down the line
  • Sheeran wrote the song with the American electronic musician Skrillex, and with his "Shape Of You" collaborator, Steve Mac. Skrillex and Mac also produced the track.
  • While Steve Mac is a regular collaborator of Sheeran, this was the first time Skrillex had a featured credit on one of the English pop singer's songs. Skrillex is also credited as co-producer on another No. 6 Collaborations track "Take Me Back To London."

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  • Mufti Marwan Saabir from Nigeria in love with Ed shareen
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