Cherry Pie

Album: Edens Edge (2012)


  • The Edens Edge trio of Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner and Cherrill Green all grew up in rural Arkansas before moving to Nashville in 2007 after meeting songwriter Kye Fleming. While trying to get implemented in the music business, the threesome had to get whatever jobs they could to pay the bills. Blaylock helped to write this song whilst in the middle of a nannying job. She recalled: "I was nannying for this family and I put the children down for a nap. Dean happened to call me during that time telling me he was in a writing session with a few of our friends. He said they had a great idea and needed my help. They put me on speakerphone and told me to talk about all the people in my life that have molded me, nurtured me and helped me become the person I am today. And if you know me (or you'll quickly find out) I have no trouble talking, so they got an ear full! They finally said they had what they needed and before I knew it this song was in our lives."
  • A horse that Blaylock rose in her childhood was one of the inspirations of this contemporary bluegrass tune. She recalled: "I grew up on a farm in a town of 50 people. There were not a lot of kids for me to play with so some of my best friends were my animals. One of my very best friends was a little Welch Pony named Cherry Pie. She was in her mid-30s when I got her from my grandpa's best friend down the dirt road and she passed away on our farm in her 50s. She spent her entire life in Nimrod, Arkansas. We rode everywhere together and ran as many speed competitions at our horse shows as we could. These are the things in our lives that mold us more than we even realize. I know all of you have one of those too. A dog, a best friend down the street, a toy, a movie... it could be anything. Everyone has a 'Cherry Pie' and it's a very cool thing to look back and say thank you to the thing that defined our childhoods."


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