Too Good To Be True

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  • This Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey and Troy Verges penned song was released as the second single from American Country music trio Edens Edge's self-titled debut album. The Edens Edge threesome first heard the song when they were out on the Brad Paisley tour in 2011. Co-guitarist Dean Berner recalled: "We put it on the stereo in the front lounge of the bus, and we rocked out with our band! The lyric, melody and groove were perfect and we felt like it was made just for us!"
  • The song's storyline of someone trying to warn her friend that her man is not as great as he appears to be rung true in vocalist Hannah Blaylock's life. She was in the very same situation in a previous relationship and her Edens Edge bandmates let her know how they thought about it. "That's a true testament that they are my true friends and that they'll tell me what's up when needed," she said.

    Blylock added that the worst thing a good friend could do is wait until the relationship is over and then speak up. "That would make me mad," she commented.
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