Who Am I Drinking Tonight?

Album: Edens Edge (2012)


  • Lead vocalist Hannah Blaylock penned this cut with her friend, Nashville songwriter Laura Veltz. Blaylock recounted the story of this party track: "Two things we appreciate about country music are the respect for the ones that have come before us and the timeless feel of a two steppin', fun-lovin,' down-home country song that never goes out of style," she said. "I started thinking about how many songs our beloved cowboy stars write about their favorite sidekicks on a rowdy night and I started getting REALLY excited. So I called up my all-time favorite co-writer and dearest friend, Laura Veltz, and we started getting to work. It was such a fun write for us, much like how you get sucked into a good book. We actually stretched out finishing it because we almost didn't want the fun to end! Let me just say that after that process, I have a longer list than any sane person should of cowboys and the 'hair on their chest' beverages they like to sing about."


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