• An aftertaste is a taste that remains after eating or drinking. This song finds Ellie Goulding likening the lingering memories of a relationship that has come to the end to an aftertaste.
  • Other artists that recorded songs titled 'Aftertaste' include Funeral For a Friend and Shawn Mendes.
  • The song is one of seven Delirium tracks that she co-penned with Greg Kurstin. The American producer first collaborated with Goulding on her 2013 hit single "Burn."

    Goulding told Billboard magazine that she likes working with Kurstin as she feels "comfortable" with him. "Greg Kurstin will just, you know, I'll do something because I'm so unbelievably comfortable with him at this point," the singer explained." I feel comfortable to do anything, to make noises, to make screams, shouts, run around, suggest things and he's like, 'Yeah, let's try it.' Greg is such a great person to work with."


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