I've Seen The Saucers


  • This slightly mysterious track appears to have been inspired by lyricist Bernie Taupin's fascination with science fiction. In fact while it is most definitely fiction, the inspiration for this song has little or nothing to do with science.

    George Adamski (1891-1965) was one of the original "contactees"; he wrote a series of books: Flying Saucers Have Landed (with Desmond Leslie); Inside The Spaceships and Flying Saucers Farewell in which he described his encounters with aliens who in addition to speaking flawless English took him for jaunts around the Solar System. His lies were not confined to tall stories about outer space; they even extended to a secret meeting with the Pope, a claim that is peddled by the Adamski Foundation to this day.

    Like most of the other contactees, his claims were so outrageous that many people believed that old maxim "You couldn't make it up". Sadly, he did. Having said that, if he and they hadn't, Bernie and Elton would probably never have written this song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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