Just Lose It

Album: Encore (2004)
Charted: 1 6
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  • This is a romp through a list of Eminem's fellow superstars from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake via Pee-Wee Herman (the gargled "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha" of the chorus is the comedian's signature giggle) atop a loose theme of a drunken night out on the look out for some female company.
  • The controversial video pokes fun at Michael Jackson, which upset him. Jackson complained about the video, and although Eminem wouldn't apologize, a few networks (like B.E.T.) refused to play it at his request.
  • Eminem wrote this at a time when his songs were getting really goofy, as he was battling an addiction to prescription drugs. He told Rolling Stone in 2010: "That's when the wheels were coming off. Every day I had a pocketful of pills, and I would just go into the studio and goof off."

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  • Inky Jonin from Hell Of A HeavenThat explains a lot. But I still can't tell if he's accidentally coming out or what.
  • Saltine from Htown, TxThat for the insight andy.
    Nice song its one great song that makes me laugh through the entire thing.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI despise rap with all of my heart, but Eminem is frickin hilarious! A few of my friends and I hate rap, but love Eminem's songs. We're Pretty Odd, But It's Better (If You Do). (any Panic at the Disco fans will get it the rest of you, ignore it. :) )
  • Ken from Bronson, MiI believe this is the first Eminem song that doesn't use the "f" word
  • Jess from Harrisburg, PaI am not a fan of rap music.....but i love this song! lol..it is so funny. Personally, i think this is one of eminem's best songs.
  • Jqy from Houston, Utp.s im not from utah im from texas
  • Jqy from Houston, Utkieth you dont know sh*t eminem is a genious
  • Peony from St Louis, MoHilarious lyrics. I love how eminem can be serious and humorous at the same time.

    To Keith in Sioux City, IA. Dude, get a life. Stop wasting ur time posting empty dis on eminem's board. I mean, if you are going to dis eminem, at least support ur point by explaining WHY u dun like him. Posting "eminem is gay" is only telling everyone that you are hateful and stupid.
  • Thanh from Hcm, Otheri've seldom listened rap and i don't know some name of rapper to. One day my friend send it to me and guess what? I really like it. It makes me smile. Just lose it of Eminem makes me start loving rap and hiphop.
  • Joel from Lawrence, KsOne of Eminem's less controversial songs
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandDespite popular belief. Michael Jackson is a fan of this song. The only thing that Anoyed him wwas the video, which was ill timed due to the trials. But Eminiem has explaind the point of the vid, and Mjs alright with it now (More on less), he has even atemted to record a demo for the song.
  • Lucy from Hull, Englandall of eminems songs are great but just lose it is ace cos it is so hilarious especially the part where he's talkin about 8 mile
  • Name from Nowhere, Cothis song dosnt really show a lot of talent butits really funny!
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili like michael jackson and i like eminem! they are both the best and i like this video and i know some of the words to this song!
  • David from Merseyside, EnglandThis song just isnt very good, one of eminems worse that he has released
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is hilarious! Eminem is so funny.
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadathis song is so funny. i dunno why em apoligized to michael jackson...he's a creep. what eminem is saying in that song is true. the song rox and thats all i care about.
  • Valerie from Evansville, InThere's a couple of Eminem's songs that I like but this one just annoys me to no end....the "ha ha ha ha ha" in the chorus pretty much just hurts my ears.
  • Shayne from Harlingen, TxI dont like rap at all. But this song makes me laugh evey time i listen to.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili love eminem also to bad i didnt put him in when i was registering. well i have one of his cds with this song. and i like it because michael jackson was in there getting teased. and i love michael jackson too.
  • Heather from Stony Brook Long Island, Nyfunny vid
  • Harry from Brisbanethis is a great song and i just love the film clip. he is a inspirational man and he is a great rapper
  • Sarah from Cambridge, Englandi love this song coz its gt gd lyrics and its video is hilarious eminem takes the p**s out of himself as well as other people but its not in an offensive way its a laugh and evey1 has taken it the way it was meant to be taken, i think this is one of the best songs and videos ever. however ass like that is also very funny. especially when the dog at the end shouts at eminem saying " hey blondy, i saved your poroxside ass again" thats funny. eminem IS the best white rapper ever!!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaWhen Eminem throws up thats makin fun of himself in that scene from 8 Mile. Scary Movie also made fun of it.
  • Richard from London, CanadaEminem is the best white rapper. Just Lose It is hilarious...if u guys like this song, you'd better listen to A$$ Like That. R.I.P. TUPAC.
  • Derek Jordan Sytsma from Las Vegas, NvEminem rocks...and to answer the question of if the puking was making fun of "The Exorcist"...no it wasn't. it was taken from 8 mile, though it being green makes no sense to me...

    Eminem is good, but not the best white rapper, i'm sorry to say it. V-Ice will always hold the special place in my heart with white rappers...he was the first and the best...
  • George from Salisbury, Cteminem is the only good white rapper
  • Becky from Bournemouth, Englandthis is a good song
  • Andy from Manchester, EnglandI remember watching a British chat show a few years back, I think it was "Parkinson".
    On the show that night, was Moby who'd released "Play" the previous year, and had been doing the "gay-rights thing", accusing Eminem of being homophobic and a bad role model for kids.
    Next guest; Sir Elton John, who had recently performed with Eminem on the MTV music awards, despite being just about the most openly gay pop star there is!

    Elton John threw one his trademark tantrums, lambasting Moby for his patronising comments on gay-rights and defended Eminem to the hilt, saying that Eminem was one of the few people who understood being gay, "I'm just being myself, this is who I am, Eminem understands and respects that". Elton also talked about how Fags piss him off too, and also that being gay or a fag are completely different things!

    After thinking about this and analysing the lyrics over several Eminem albums since, particularly Encore, I've come to this conclusion;
    a fag is someone who uses being gay as an escape, from the hurdles they can't avoid, maybe they're to shy to talk to women, perhaps simply unsuccessful in finding the right person. For whatever reason, being gay is an excuse for being in this situation!
    However they're not really gay, although they think they are; This is the type of person Eminem would describe as a fag, because they're not being that most important of all things, true to themselves!

    Listen to just loose it or rain man, where he raps about the anatomical blur between men and women, pointing out that its not difficult to be mistaken, therefore its not difficult to lie to yourself.

    The other side of the coin is that, there's nothing wrong with being gay, if that's who you really are.

    In case your wondering, I'm straight, but not slightly homophobic, though some types of campness I can find annoying!

    Sorry for the long and kinda unrelated post.
    If anyone's been offended by this, sorry, that was never my intention.
  • Dan from Calgary, CanadaDespite me not liking Rap music that much, this actually isn't that bad of a song. The lyrics are HILARIOUS!!
  • Mia from Wellston, MiI'm Not Sure If This Is True But Someone Told Me That In The video when eminem throws up its supposed to spoof "the exorcist"
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