Tearing Us Apart

Album: August (1986)
Charted: 56
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  • Tina Turner sang with Clapton on this. She performed it at many of her concerts.
  • Clapton and Turner performed this in 1986 at The Prince's Trust Rock Gala in London's Wembley Stadium.
  • In 1993, Turner presented Clapton with the Record of the Year Grammy for "Tears In Heaven."
  • Clapton named the album after the month his son Conor was born. Sadly, Conor died when he fell out of a window in 1991.
  • Phil Collins produced this and played drums on it. He helped out Clapton on this and his previous album, Behind The Sun. Clapton played on Collin's first solo album in 1981.
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  • David from Encino, CaThis Song was written about the circle of friends of Patti Boyd Clapton called "The Committee" who Eric blamed for coming between them. At the time, Eric was living with Lori Del Santo and he told her that he was going back to his wife, she responded: "Thats not good news at all, because I'm pregnant"

    from page 227-Clapton-The Autobiography
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