Friday Night

Album: Eric Paslay (2013)
Charted: 47


  • Paslay co-wrote this song with Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby. The Texan native singer-songwriter said that one of his favorite things to do on Friday nights growing up in his home state was to go to the dancehalls. "It was everyone from grandparents to their grandkids hanging out, and always good live music and pretty girls to ask to dance and hopefully, they say yes, you know," he recalled. "When I think of the great memories on Friday nights back home and growing up and what I do now, it always has to do with music and dancing and having a good time and some good beverages."
  • This was the third single released by Paslay under his recording contract with EMI Records Nashville. He had previously achieved success as a songwriter having co-penned hits for Jake Owen ("Barefoot Blue Jean Night"), Eli Young Band ("Even If It Breaks Your Heart") and Love and Theft ("Angel Eyes").
  • The Mason Dixon directed video is about a Friday night out on the town. The clip was shot in downtown Nashville and features a cameo by Big Kenny of Big & Rich. "It truly felt like a 'Friday Night' as we started filming in downtown Nashville at 8:30pm and ended around 3:30am," said Paslay. "There's nothing like cruisin' through the neon lights in a sweet 1974 Cadillac candy apple rag top convertible with your friends!"
  • Paslay explained how he penned the song with Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby. "We were just writing one morning and thinking about all the things you hate," he recalled, "you know, during the week nothing's going good, stuck in traffic, all this and that, and you're like, 'Dang, how cool would it be to be somebody's Friday night on a Monday morning, you know?' The fun thing is, a Friday night can be all kinds of stuff."

    "I think that's the fun thing about 'Friday Night,'" Paslay continued, "it can be whatever you love and whatever you want it to be. From the morning time to the evening time, it's a feeling 'I want to be your Friday Night.' It's...that feeling that you get when you know it's about to be Friday night, you're off work, you got paid and you're picking up your honey. Ain't nothing better than that."
  • Co-writer Rose Falcon told Roughstock the story of the song. "I'm sure each of us have a different story, but basically I came in with the title 'Friday Night,'" she recalled. "I actually have a little funny recording of the first time I was driving in my car and thought of the idea. The boys probably don't remember that I came in with the title, but if you listen to the lyric, it's actually kind of a girly perspective saying, I don't wanna be your ball and chain, I wanna be your good time ... you know how some guys get away from the 'old nag' and complain to the boys? Well the original thought was, 'I don't ever want to be an obligation; I want to be the thing you want to do, not have to.'"

    "I loosely explained the concept to Eric and Rob, and they started running with it and spitting out verses," Falcon continued. "To me, 'Friday Night is about wanting someone to look forward to being with you, and not wanting to ever become their obligation. Who wants to be a ball and chain? Not me! I wanna be someone's 'Friday night' -- the night they are living for all week long ... their pay day!"

    "It all came really fast and it was a fun write with two of my very favorite people," Falcon added. "We were all singing harmony and recorded a guitar vocal on my laptop with the three of us singing. I think we all left the room that day with the little buzz you get when you know you have written something cool. It's the best feeling in the world, especially when you get to share it with friends."
  • The song was featured in the weekly ESPN College Football Friday prime time broadcasts during the 2013 football season.
  • This was originally recorded by Lady Antebellum for their Own The Night album. "The wild thing is," Paslay recalled to, "the way we recorded the work tape, Rose in a way was singing Hillary Scott's [of Lady Antebellum] part, I was singing Charles' [Kelley] part and Rob was singing Dave's [Haywood] part, so it just sounded perfect for Lady Antebellum."


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