She Don't Love You

Album: Eric Paslay (2014)
Charted: 77


  • Paslay sings here of a damaged woman who has been so let down in previous relationships that she is unable to fully give herself to another man. He originally penned the ballad with former Stealing Angels member (and John Wayne granddaughter) Jennifer Wayne for someone else. "We initially were trying to write a song for George Strait, because he had just announced that he was doing the Cowboy Rides Away Tour," Paslay told Country Music Chat. "And Jen Wayne's grandfather is John Wayne, so she knows a lot about cowboys. So we were trying to just write that song, and we didn't quite have it."

    "And in the midst, like songwriters do, of writing a song, just cutting up and small talk and this and that, and I think I said, you know, 'She don't love you,' or she said, 'She don't love you,' and I said, 'Yeah, she's just lonely,'" he added. "Just kind of joking around or something. Forty-five minutes later, we had written 'She Don't Love You."
  • Eric Paslay collaborated with Wes Edwards for the song's music video, having previously worked with the director on "Song About A Girl." Both clips were shot in old buildings, in this instance, the Staar Theatre, a historic opera house in Pulaski, Tennesee was used.
  • The song came about almost as an afterthought. "I remember I'd written two times that day, and it was about 5:30 or so, and I was packing up my stuff, and Jen (Wayne) calls and says, 'Hey, you ready to write?'" Paslay recalled to Taste of Country. "And I guess I'd forgotten that we were gonna write, so I was like, 'Shoot, yeah, I'm already here. Come upstairs, I'm ready to write.' And I'm glad that I didn't say that I was too tired, even though I was pretty spent."


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