Song About A Girl

Album: Eric Paslay (2014)
Charted: 85


  • Paslay explained how all of the songs on his self-titled debut album fit together really well. "They're all the way from 10 years ago to probably a year ago between the 11 songs," he said. "I believe every song could be played on the radio and be a hit, you know, but it is wild when you think about how do all these songs get to be on a record. And it is – it's about timing."

    "I wrote this song, 'Song About a Girl,' it's a pretty new song and went in the studio and cut it, and it's like, 'Holy crap! This is a fun song. It needs to be on the record,'" Paslay added. "The bummer thing is you knock off a song that was on the record before it. There's a lot of songs that deserve to be heard, and they will be eventually, but these are the 11 on the album, and I think they fit together really well to kinda at least introduce people to me about what I like singing about."
  • The third single to be released from Eric Paslay, this explains that most, if not all, tunes are about a girl. The singer co-wrote the tune with Jessi Alexander and Gordie Sampson and he recalled the story of the song: "Jessi Alexander came in with that idea and [we] wrote it with Gordie Sampson. We were just sitting there and just saying that everything we write – Jessi has written tons of songs. Gordie has written tons of songs," Paslay said. "They're both great artists, and I've written my share of songs, and we're just like 'You know what? They're all about girls,' at least for most guy writers in country music, it's a song about a girl."

    "The first lines of the song, 'This ain't about tailgates, ain't about bonfires, ain't about souped up cars, water towers and drowning a bottle of Jack.' That's all things that everybody loves," Paslay added. "And it was just kind of a thing of what can we get to make people go, 'Huh? What do you say?' And the fun thing is there's nothing sexy about a tailgate, unless your babe is sitting in it. There's nothing sexy about a bonfire unless your girl is glowing in it. And I sure don't think a water tower is sexy unless my girlfriend's name is written on it, or if you're getting over your babe in a bottle of Jack."

    "But it was just fun writing that song about thinking about not clichés, but in a way you always talk about these things and it's all because of the girl," he continued. "'Every time don't think too hard, dig too deep or read between the lines, it's a song about a girl.' And as a songwriter and as a singer I love singing that song because it's smart, it's fun and it's easy to hold your baby's hand and shake it with."
  • The first verse features the lyric "coo-coo-ca-choos," a shout-out to The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus."

    "Sometimes, the sound of the words will happen before the actual words," Gordie Sampson noted to Billboard magazine. "So Eric will mumble something like, 'Oo, oo, oo-oooh,' and then it's just about trying to find a word that fits in that hole, like 'coo-coo-ca-choo.' I remember reading an article about Shania Twain and Mutt Lange working together and them talking about that's how she often would write, finding the sound of the words before finding the words themselves."

    "I'm hoping ["coo-coo-ca-choo"] makes people question and dig in deeper," Jessi Alexander added. "I mean, that's what I did. When I heard different references about older artists, I was looking for them. So hopefully, it'll bring a little light there."
  • Paslay wanted to shoot the video in a grand, old ballroom, and director Wes Edwards happily obliged. "[We] found this gorgeous, really dilapidated opera house in Pulaski, Tennessee, who's doors had been closed since the 1930s. The place is just beautiful, but beautiful in the most decayed, decrepit way possible. There's something about that. I really like spaces that have history. I like funky, dusty, kind of disgusting-looking places," Edwards explained in a Songfacts interview. Country singer Jason Aldean is familiar with this interest. For his "Amarillo Sky," the director had the band playing in a tumbledown barn and for "Fly Over States," an airplane graveyard.


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