Bring Me To Life

Album: Fallen (2003)
Charted: 1 5
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  • A track from Evanescence's major label debut, Fallen, lead singer Amy Lee wrote the song about Josh Hartzler, the man who would become her husband.

    When she met Hartzler, he was a friend of a friend: a total stranger who did not know her. Yet he could somehow "see inside her" and "bring her to life."

    "I was in a really bad place, relationally, and going through a really hard time," Lee said in her Songfacts interview. "He sat across from me when we went to reserve a table and he just looked me dead in the eye and said, 'Are you happy?' And it shocked my heart and I looked down and just started making up excuses. I choked on my words because I felt like I was completely outwardly acting normal, but inside in a lot of turmoil. And I felt like he could just see straight into my soul. That inspired the whole song. Years later I told him it was about him."

    It was a few years before Lee and Hartzler started dating. From 2003-2005 she had a high-profile relationship with Seether frontman Shaun Morgan, so many fans assumed the song was about him. Lee didn't say who it was about until later.

    Hartzler and Lee got married in 2007 and had a son, Jack, in 2014.
  • The band's lead guitarist Ben Moody and keyboard player David Hodges wrote this song with Lee. Moody said: "'Bring Me To Life' is about discovering something or someone that awakens a feeling inside them that they've never had before. You discover there is a world that is bigger than just your safe bubble."
  • This was the first single from Evanescence; it became a huge hit and launched their career.

    The song first appeared (along with "My Immortal") in the 2003 movie Daredevil, where it was used in a key scene where Elektra (Jennifer Garner) gets ready to kill Daredevil (Ben Affleck). The film was released in February 2003 and the song was included on the soundtrack. Fallen was issued in March, and "Bring Me To Life" came out as a single in April. The song reached its US chart peak of #5 in June and became one of the biggest songs of the summer.

    In the UK, the song was an even bigger hit, going to #1 in June and staying for four weeks.
  • The male vocalist on this track is Paul McCoy from the group 12 Stones. They were on the same record label as Evanescence.

    By using a male singer on their debut single, Evanescence had an easier time getting airplay, as just about every band with a similar sound was led by a guy. Acts like Nickelback, Hoobastank and Chevelle were big at the time.
  • Evanescence was on the same record label as Creed, and have similar Christian values. Like Creed, they don't make religion a big part of their songs, but are often marketed that way. Both groups sell a lot of albums in Christian stores.
  • The music video was the first for the band. Directed by Philip Stolzl, for many it was their first look at Evanescence and their visual centerpiece, Amy Lee. In the clip, Lee wakes up in a tall building, steps out the window and walks along the ledge. Her bandmates are playing on the roof; she tries to join them, but falls.
  • The group is from Arkansas. The last group from that state to have a Top 40 hit was Black Oak Arkansas, who went to #25 in 1974 with "Jim Dandy." That song also used a female vocalist.
  • Evanescence was the first pop group since No Doubt to feature a female lead singer in an otherwise male band and have a hit song. Between 1997-2003, the charts were dominated by groups with male singers and female solo artists.
  • Ben Moody left the band while they were touring to promote the album in 2003. He was replaced with Terry Balsamo, who was guitarist with the band Cold.
  • Chris Daughtry covered the song for the soundtrack to The Passion. The vocalist played Judas Iscariot in Fox's 2016 live TV musical based on Jesus Christ's last days.
  • In 2017, Evanescence released an orchestral version on their fourth album, Synthesis. Revisiting the song 14 years later, Amy Lee felt she could bring something new to the song. "Pouring the weight and perspective of the life I've lived now back into that root - it's pure satisfaction," she told Rolling Stone. This version doesn't incorporate another vocalist.

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  • Ana Felix from Tucson Arizoname and my boyfriend of 21 years now in December this year love thier music very much! and just like the song says he did the same thing for me and me for him and for each other wow ! cause I had issues with men in the past that all of them were not what I hoped it would be then 21 years later I was telling myself man girl ! you must not give up on this one the second time around! so I got lucky the second time around indeed! we saw each other again that December before x mass in the year of 1999 and it was at this x mass party there were x mass presents there and there was x mass candy and I hoped to get it but that wasn't the case at all ! so I ended up getting a ceramic horse and I was. like what?! then I asked who happened to have the x mass candy and man! what a shocker! it turned out the guy I was eyeing for sometime happened to have it !and we have been together off and on ever since and that song says it all! for the both of us!
  • Marie from IndianaOk, so bring me to life is not a christian song. It is about her husband. So..... not a christian band but if that is what you feel that is fine. still a good song though
  • Jane And Alec from VolterraLol this isn't my real name... I found a mv on YT with this song...and the infamous Witch Twins! Just thought people should know. Lol
  • Dino from UsaI finally seen someone else say they thought it was the neverending story .... I've literally said that since it came out ... I was actually looking for similar comments when I found this and signed up to comment. Rock on...
  • Tommy from TopekaPeople it's 2016 it came out in 2003 so stop saying that they are a Christian band they are NOT a Christian band the song is about her husband NOT god they have said themselves that they are NOT a Christian band so please read the meaning of the song above.
  • Christian from Wpb, Flamy lee is a very talented singer
  • Darren from Hayle, United KingdomI also thought some lines were from The Never Ending Story, at least I'm not the only one.
  • Francis from Puerto Galera, Philippines"My friends, Cant you see?? in this song amy lee is talking about the gap in her life that can only be filled by God. she is crying out to Him to give her something to live for! ''save me from the nothing i've become'' she has spent her life following the desires of the world and now realises that they dont satisfy. only the Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy your life my friend. he is THE ONLY one that can give you reason to live. i have found him, when i was in the deepest despair. when i was ''so numb without a soul'' then he called me from the dark and woke me up inside. i am now on fire for him and i live my life to tell others of his saving grace for them. if you have been living without a thought, without a voice, without a soul, call on Jesus tonight. he can bring you back to life today. if you wud like to ask me anything more about this, please email,"
    - Sam, Cork, Ireland
  • Alex from Taranto, Italyin my opinion true Gothic style absolutely needs(and deserves) both male and female voices.
    Bring me to life is the only REAL gothic song by evanescence,all the rest is just commercial music i quite liked,but didn't went that crazy about them.
    I'd like listening to another male/female voice song by Evanescence.
    Broken was great too,but not dark and gothic as id' wish
  • Jennifer from Chicago, IlI have to say, this is one of the greatest songs ever. I remember seeing it on tv and hearing it on the radio when I was little and I'm glad I finally found it!
  • Joanna from Scotland, United KingdomI am so sick of Twilight being brought up in Evanescence topics!

    Amy Lee and her band are amazing, and they did not write their great music to be raped by Twilight!
  • Jd from Paoli, Ini dont think is a christian band HOWEVER this song does have a lot of spiraitual meaning. "how can you see inside my eyes like open doors" it is indeed one of evanescence best ones.
  • Cynthia from Oregon, Orthis is one of the most amazing christian bands ever and i am not christian but i love it
  • Michelle Rigby from Orem, UtI personally think songs just mean whatever you want them to mean. They speak to us each in a different, unique way. The artist wrote them for their personal expression of their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, or experiences. But it doesn't have to mean the same thing for us. It might touch a different experience, or part of us than the artist originally wrote it for.
  • Caitlin from Colmesneil, TxI actually have a friend who sang a cover of this song at church. I don't think Evanescence are a Christian band, they just put that type of symbolism in their songs like metaphors. I believe in God, so I wouldn't be offended by it anyway. I think it's just an awesome song that, like so many of Evanescence's songs, can be interpretted so many different ways. So what if one of those interpretations is a religious connotation, doesn't bother me.
  • K from Seattle, WaUmm, I kinda thought this song was an "homage" to the movie "The Neverending Story",

    "Save me" "Call my name" "Save me from the Nothing" "Save me before I come undone" "bring me to life"

    I'm just saying.....
  • Frankie from Cardiff, United KingdomNot a huge fan of twilight, but it does fit how Jacob "woke her up inside" and saved her from becoming that "zombie." I think that the object of the song is a human being, not God, but that human made Amy remember the piece of the divine in her.
  • Liberty from Somewhere, InI luv this would be perfect for New Moon. So would a lot of their other songs. (Sorry about that, if you hate Twilight.)
  • Bhavin from Bangalore, IndiaIf u have read George Bernard Shaw's My Fair Lady... Based on Pygmalion and Galatia , then you will surely understand the meaning of the song...
  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, Mievanscence is a christian Band? I didn't know that! I can't understand the video! What did Jesus Christ give me? Brains? Cleaverness,Grace,Style,No. I'm retartded[so dad says] I'm fat,ugly and dumpy like his only child mother,like dad says.
  • Lexxus from Nun Of Ur Buisness, TxI understand that Amy Lee isn't a christian singer,
    but some of her songs, including this one, have
    alot of christian value. My aspiration is to become a singer, and just like Amy Lee, I don't want to be boxed in just one genre. Because your limit would be that one genre, and it would be "weird" to go outside it. Some of the songs I've written, have been based on experiences, while others just come to my heart. Evanescence isn't ashamed to call themselves christians, they just don't want their music to be ALLLL about Jesus. I am a strong christian, but I
    DON'T want to write just about God or Jesus.
  • Cole from Atlanta, GaBring me to life sound like a very christian song to me. i am a total Jesus Freak. Wake me up! I Can't wake up! Save me! I think those words are said as if the writer was speaking to God. The title "Bring me to Life" as in life in Christ, life in the Spirit, and life in Heaven
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, CanadaIt is not about God.Get that through your heads.I myself don't believe in god,but honestly its kind of more towards the direction of it being about a guy.....
  • Sam from Cork, IrelandMy friends, Cant you see?? in this song amy lee is talking about the gap in her life that can only be filled by God. she is crying out to Him to give her something to live for! ''save me from the nothing i've become'' she has spent her life following the desires of the world and now realises that they dont satisfy. only the Lord Jesus Christ can satisfy your life my friend. he is THE ONLY one that can give you reason to live. i have found him, when i was in the deepest despair. when i was ''so numb without a soul'' then he called me from the dark and woke me up inside. i am now on fire for him and i live my life to tell others of his saving grace for them. if you have been living without a thought, without a voice, without a soul, call on Jesus tonight. he can bring you back to life today. if you wud like to ask me anything more about this, please email,
  • Janet from Orlando, FlI perfure Skillet their a chrishton band and they say they are!Well I still love their songs[not skillet but i do love em']
  • Isabelle from St. Paul, MnWOW. The diversity in the opinions of this group is amazing. Personally, I think that it shouldn't matter if they announce themselves as "Christian" or not. It shouldn't matter if they are emo. It shouldn't matter who they are, what they believe in, who they are dating, what they have done in the past, or even what their names are. All that matters is if you like the song or not. I do. This was the Evanescence song I ever heard. Amy Lee has a very unique voice and she knows it. I want them to come out with a HUGE hit.
  • Catrencella from Mooresboro, NcOne of my fave Evanescence songs, in reminds me of how I am and my life lately.
  • Caitlyn from Naples, FlThis "stranger" is her husband Josh Hartzler
  • Tiffany from Tampa, Flwhat if it not about Amy Lee once stated in an interview while on tour that this song was inspired when she met a friend of a friend: a total stranger who did not know her, yet could somehow "See inside her." When he spoke, his words "Woke her up inside." This encounter with a true "Word of Knowledge" inspired the hit that would launch her career. (thanks, Nikki - Canada)

    what if it about her sister to "bring me to life" i mean her sis is dead and maybe shes pretending to be her sister saying to amy bring me to life
  • Jake from Elkview, Wvgod! okay listen the whole band is Christian (or have some belief of the christian god), though they are not a "christian band" they still put religious symbolism in their songs...GET OVER IT!
  • Matthew from Milford, Ma...Wow, I know this song, but I didn't know it specifically! Seriously, my martial arts teacher frequently plays it during his classes, so I liked the beat, but didn't know the actual song. I came to this page [on Songfacts] noticing the name of the song, looked at the lyrics, and then decided to listen to it on YouTube, thinking that it would make a great theme song for one of my fan characters. I recognized it as soon as the music started. Truly, I was expecting a sort of lighthearted tango song, not a rock beat, but, hey, it's a great song, and I like rock, so who am I to complain?
  • Robin from Not-telling, IlOk, you know what? I think debating this is pointless. I'm Christian but my favorite band is still Evanescence. I don't think they are ashamed of being Christian, if they are. Maybe not all of them are or maybe it's because everyone thinks bad of Christian bands. (which I think is stupid) I thought that tourniquet was a semi-christian song but I never thought that about bring me to life. No matter what all of their lyrics are realistic. I love this band because they talk about situations that happen a lot nowadays. They go into detail so well that even people who haven't had those king of problems can better understand some of the people that have. I hate it when bands are overly happy and talk about things that hardly ever happen as if they will happen to everybody. You can't say "everyone finds true love someday" or "your family always loves you" because that's not true. Amy Lee talks about real life situations and doesn't say they always happen or that they never happen.
  • Cassandra from Houston, TxDoes this freind of a freind know that they inspired Amy to write or sing this song?
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaWho Care's whether they're Christian or not. This song is extremely creative and it's great to finally see female vocalists fronting heavy rock groups instead of only performing pop music.
  • Krista from Elyria, OhWell I think this is punk rock if you ask me! Amy rocks! I think it's a goth band, but I aint sure. Do I look like I care? No. I didn't think so! :-P
  • Sandy from Warsaw, InI dont know why they wont admit their christians God is the one who gave them the talent to sing! I think thats stupid! By the way I love this song!!!
  • Teresa from New York City, Nythis song is the best i love it so much that i am singing it with my friend at my school
  • David from Green Bay, WiI love Amy Lee, she has the most awesome voice and a very strong presence and she is also beautiful. I think she makes the band what it is. Bring Me To Life was the first song I ever heard by Evanescence, but it turned me on to them and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmEvanescence is a "Christian" band like U2 is a "Christian" band. Their song are thoughtful, maybe spiritual, but they aren't out to convert anybody.

    Most "Christian" music is indeed crap, with the exception of very old songs and classical masses (think Bach), which are again are purely spiritual, and aren't trying to convert anyone.
  • Joe from Sarasota, FlWhy don't we actually get back to the meaning of this song?
    I'd heard it a few times, of course, but I'd never really listened to it, either the music or the lyrics.
    But if you've ever met someone who made you reconsider EVERYTHING--someone who made you feel alive, someone who made you feel new and warm and good after living in a world of bitterness, hate, and pain--then you'd know what this song meant to me.
    I met someone like that--a wonderful friend who saved me from myself, who brought me a hope I hadn't had in years. And then, a few weeks later, I heard this song, and it touched me--which is unusual for me, as I'm generally very stoic.
    That's the meaning of this song--the rebirth and hope a great person can bring you.
    If this sounds too much like mysticism, I apologize, but it's the only way I can describe it.
  • Naomi from Kent, EnglandYou know, this has to be one of my favourite songs by Evanescence, it completely takes over your mood, like magic. It starts of with such a kind tune and silky voice, then it's builds up. And before you know it, it's so greatly loud and emotional, and even me, a shy girl from Kent, am singing along. Ouch! So, total thumbs up for this song.
  • Jeremy from Live Oak, FlA person is born, they spend their lives building an agenda. As they go, they grow in knowledge and experience. At some point they hear a message in some church, or on t.v., or the radio, that either threatens their soul with Hell, or puts them on a guilt trip. They are then prompted to say some packaged prayer, and sent about their merry way with a clear conscience. After this they still go on pursuing their agenda, but now they just ask God to bless their own endeavors.

    The Christianity of the bible gladly gives up everything to submit to the will of the Father and to bear witness of the truth. The mark of a true believer in Christ is sacrificing self to the obedience of Him who called us out of darkness. Our agenda gets flushed, and we accept that with thankfulness.

    The word Christian, it seems, is thrown around too much. I hope those here who claimed to be numbered with the Lamb of God have indeed been cleansed by Him.
  • Bobby from Seattle, WyThere are many ways to experience what Amy's expressing.
  • Tera from Salem, Ineveryone needs to leave the religion thing alone...let them be who they want to be! it doesn't matter about whether or not they are christian...if the music is good then that is all that matters! they rock!!!
  • Natalie from Spokane, United StatesI love Evanescence and I love this song!I don't really know if they are christians or not,but as to whether you think their music is christian or not,it depends how you look at it.Tourniquet really is the only christian song on the album Fallen.I'm a christian,but I'm glad they aren't an official christian band,because alot of people would automatically assume they're a lame band.Even if they'r not christian,their music is beutiful and deep.

  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cahey i'm a 13 year old who likes classic rock too! but even i have to admit...evanescence is pretty good for a band of today.
  • Kevin from Independence, MoWhat is more important to you people, that a band puts out good music, or that a band believes in the same religion as you?
  • Martin Owens from Belfast, Irelandok i dont think its gothic emo i would say that its goth nu metal. and on the set where she is hanging onto pauls hand she is actually just one foot off the ground and i think that would be hilarious if i had to do that :P lmao
  • Yuna from Kyotoevanescence is'nt christian, it's... kinda gothic/ emo. i'd say. what do ya'll think?
  • Melody from Jacksonville, Flwhy are people debating on the religious beliefs of the band and breaking out into sob stories about people forcing them into a religion when they want to be pagans or athiests or satanists or sac-religious..blah..blah. religion was just a small topic in the song facts featured above. it's not somebody forcing you into a religion. anyway.......this is my favorite evanescence song. i think it's a really good song to be a newer song because i'm into the old stuff.(classic rock)not because i'm old,(i'm 13)but because classic rock features good musicianship and rocks hard. cool song though.
  • The Prynce from Dillon / Hamer, ScThey are a band who happens to be made up of Christians, not a Christian band. There is a big difference. I've never heard a song by them that seemed to be a Christian song. I'm pagan and do you think I listen only to pagan artists? No. There is a chance that my musical tastes would hint that I might be pagan but that's all. I think it's fine that people have their religions and live by it but don't let it turn you into an angry, eyeless, and thoughtless zombie. It happens more often than you'd think and you'd never know it unless you were an outside observer.

    -=The Prynce
  • Mkali from Cardiff, WalesI can't believe the controversy about whether a band is Christian or not. What should it matter what their faith is, what their culture or beliefs are as long as they can sing. And by Gods can these people sing.

    I'm Pagan and my best friend is bordering Atheist and we met over Evanescence. We met at their site, bonded and now 3/4 years later we're still amazing friends. We love Evanescence for their music, not for their beliefs. If Amy started singing how we should all believe in one God, be Christian or go to Hell I'd turn away from them because forcing religion on another person is one of my biggest hates. But no, they keep their faith to themselves and let it express sometimes through music, so we continue to songs like Hello that deal with loss, to songs like Everbody's Fool that deal with society and songs like Bring me to life.

    Music is the one thing I refuse to disect. It means different things to different people and thats where the interpretation should end. You shouldn't categorise it as a Christian song or band because to the next person it means something completely different. Even in death reminds me of my Guinea Pig Milo, it makes me cry everytime and it actually got me to cry over his death. Laugh if you want but pets are family and when I lost him I was devastated. But to someone else, this song could be about a boyfriend, a grandparent, their Lord or it could just be a well-written and amazingly sung song.

    They didn't get to no.1 through the power of the Lord. They got there because people bought their music, because they are amazing musicians and good people. Nothing else should matter.

    And what of the other band members, now Ben has left I believe we know of two members [maybe less/more depending on your source] that are Christian. But what about the others? They could be atheist, pagan, hindu, buddhist or nothing. Perhaps another reason why they don't want to be known as a Christian band is because they're not all Christian. They sing about life, their lives and perhaps that has some religious connotations. But who cares as long as they don't start spouting religious texts or change into another everyday band.

    They are Evanescence, an amazingly talented group of people. Behind that? Who cares who they worship? Certainly not me.

    -shrugs- To me they brought me the best friend I could ever hope for, a release to the bad things in my life...escapism at it's best people.

    Just listen, don't disect.
  • Chris from Christchurch, New ZealandI Don't Think they are ashamed, I think I don't know for sure but maybe they don't want there music to be played as a christian worship song because they are not christain worship songs and yeah so they are not a Christain band, but they are Christians See what i mean, Maybe they want to reach non-Christain People through there Music
  • Logan from Winnipeg, CanadaOh, by the way, im sorry for the last comment, it was a little harsh. I'ts your lifem, worship who you like. Anyways, when this song first came out, I thought it was a Linkin Park song with a female singer. Now I know why Chester was disapointed...
  • Logan from Winnipeg, CanadaYou know, what Fernandel and Travis said sounded really creepy. Religion is all a lie, so it should have no importance on how a band does in the world. religion is a motavation factor in our minds to make us feel better (or worse) about our place in the world. So next time someone says Jesus made their place in the world, Im going to go break a commandment or two of my own...
    by the way, im going to hell now, so thanks for listning! Evanescence rocks!!!!!!!!!
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlOkay enough already christian non chraistian who gives a f---- I mean I'm a christian but I would listen to this band regardless (in fact I didn't even know about any of this christian stuff to I read it here) just because they have good music and good lyrics.

    I don't care what the are what their ashamed of as long as the music is good

  • Simeon from London, EnglandOk not meaning to be rude but if you gonna sing about things that if you listen properly to are so blatantly christian how can you dare to not call yourself a christian band? "I'm through fighting it" "I can't run anymore" hmm funny seems to me that thats kinda like what tons of people do with from it! another thing it seems kinda sad that because you're so scared other public wont buy your cds that when you come number 1 in the christian charts you have to request to be taken down......its an honour to get to the top of that n they decided to disgrace themselves by hiding away.....ex-fan......disgusted!
  • Lana from Taranaki, New Zealandwhats with all this christian stuff!!!! Who cares if they are or not they play really cool songs and it shouldnt matter what religion they are or not!!!!
  • Shannon from Pittsburgh, PaShe was meeting a few of her friends at a restaurant when a guy she barely knew looked into her eyes and asked her "Are you happy?". She knew that she truly wasn't, and those simple words really struck her. That is how the opening lines to the song "Bring Me To Life", "how can you see into my eyes like open doors..." came about.
  • Kevin from Berkeley Heights, Njlorri from elk grove, im so sorry for what ever you and your daughters went through. its great to see you have reunited with god and that your pain is gone. though i am going to maybe become a priest,i still hurt very much,im 14 and yet i still cut myself from time to time,you are very lucky. i have listened to that song for two years and it is the only thing that gets me through the day. im sorry for ur pain and i will pray for you tonight. with sincerity...
  • Dave from Annandale, VaI started listening to Evanescence because of their drummer Rocky Gray. He was one of the lead guitarists from the now disbanded Arkansas based, Christian metal band Living Sacrifice. He is also the lead guitarist of the Christian metal band Soul Embraced (which also features Living Sacrifice drummer Lance Garvin). I noticed that a previous comment stated Ben Moody was the only christian in Evanescence, that's just not true. The song "Tourniquet" is actually an Evanescence take on the Soul Embraced song "My Tourniquet".
  • Nader from New York, NyEveryone, GET-IT-THROUGH-YOUR-HEADS! EVANESCENCE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN BAND!!! In an interview I watched with Ben and Amy, Amy CLEARLY states that she doesn't know what to call the band's genres, because there's no one quite like them. However, she did state that their music may have a Christian feel, but they certainly aren't a Christian band. She says that they are Goth-inspired. They have influences from Type O Negative and a piano flair from Tori Amos. Although Ben left the band, their music genre never changed and they are still considered hard rock in general. "Tourniquet" is their only song that actually mentions God or a direct connection to religion. However, it expresses no beliefs or inclinations toward God or any other religious beliefs. Basically, the band is truly amazing for their different, captivating music and they're a hit. They're an awesome band, one of the best ones out there, and Amy Lee does have a wonderful voice, backed by a defined piano mood and raging guitars. I think they'll be remembered for a while.
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandChester Bennington of Linkin Park met Amy Lee when Evanescence were recording 'Fallen'. Chester (in an interview) said that Amy had told him that their record label were trying to turn them into Linkin Park, and she wanted to ask if Mike would feature on a track. Mike said "No", and Chester told Amy that they should not copy Linkin Park but should be their own band. He said Amy agreed with him, but when Chester first heard 'Bring Me To Life' and heard Paul McCoy singing what would have been Mike's part - he said he was very disappointed with Evanescence...
  • Mark from Ontario, CanadaAmy Lee has openly stated she is a christian, though it doesn't reflect her music. On MuchMusic she came out with this line "I'm a christian, but it doesn't reflect my music because I dont like to be boxed in to a certain genre"
  • Helen from Dublin, IrelandJaysus, what's the big bloody deal? For a 'christian' band, I don't find them very uplifting. I love their music sure but it makes me angry or sad - it doesn't make me feel like going to mass so I somehow doubt that's the message they're trying to portray and if it is they're failing miserably. I know god is mentioned a few times in the album but who knows what bands are REALLY singing about anyway? It could be about a man, it could be about vampires. Since when is poetry translated literally? We learned a poem in school called the lost heifer - the cow was actually Ireland (but strangely in a nice way)! Oh and Fernandel, 'the lord jesus christ' did NOT put them at number 1 - I believe it was the fans and all the money they spent on the records. Anyway, it's a great song.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherJust because you are fortunate doesn't mean that homeless people aren't as lucky. My teacher(a Christian) told me of a story of a woman she met on the street. She said that she had 4 kids and her husband had died, and that her sister had also died so she had to take care of her 3 kids too. Even if she somehow managed to take care of the seven kids by herself, she needed to get a job, not to mention nobody would offer to be a babysitter or nanny for the children do to the hassle.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherI bought the album and for all I care they're a goth band.
  • Amy from Pretoria, South AfricaAmy Lee said in an interview that she is a Christian, but that it has nothing to do with their music. Their songs and lyrics are written from their feelings and personal experiences, and the fact that they are Christians shouldn't give motive for people to either like or dislike their music. I love their music for what it is, the fact that they are religious is only an added bonus.
  • Sarah from Cincinnati, United StatesThe fact of the matter is that people starting to assume this band was Christian because of their song "Tourniquet" in which they say "My God, my tourniquet, return to me salvation". Well, I have news for ya people. Just because someone believes in God does not mean they are Christian or even have any specific religion, for that matter. Educate yourselves before making presumptions.
  • Mikael from Pleasant View, UtChristian band or not, they are a hell of a band! And i just want to make it clear that just because members of a band are christians, doesnt make the band christian unless the message in the music is a christian message. I got to hangout with the guys from the band "As I Lay Dying" a few months back and they pointed this out. They're christians but the band is not a christian band.
  • Josh from El Paso, TxBen Moody is the (or was the) only christian in the band. Amy Lee despises the faith.
  • Dane from Lamar, CoI agree with Lorri, the band never stated they were a Christian bad. Sure there are a few religious elements especially in "Tourniquet," but most all bands have one or two. And as has been stated also, it's about the music, people! You shouldn't listen or not listen to something solely because it's religious or nonreligious. Life's to short to limit yourself like that. Variety is key!
  • Loran from Columbus, GaFrom
    "In the late 1990s along with singer Amy Lee, he [Ben Moody] made it clear that they weren't a proper Christian group by dropping a few taboo terms and taking the Lord's name in vain â?? a direct violation of the Third Commandment.

    "We're actually high on the Christian charts, and I'm like, 'What the f--- are we even doing there?' " he said.

    Later in the piece, he compares himself to the "the guy who was crucified next to Jesus" because "all I want you to do is remember me."

    Singer Amy Lee echoed her bandmate's puzzlement at their album's placement in Christian bookstores. "I guarantee that if the Christian bookstore owners listened to some of those songs, they wouldn't sell the CD."

    Evanescence has never claimed to be Christian, as far as I know. Anyone have any *direct* proof?
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsGod gives everyone the power to obtain wealth, he doesn't just directly hand it to us. There are poor and homeless people not just because they are victims of circumstance, they just choose not to do anything with their abilities. Anyone can get a job (and wealth) if they motivate themselves, and God gave this ability to everyone, they just have to use it. God happened to give this band extraordinary musical talent, and they utilized that gift to the fullest. Your welcome.
  • Lorri from Elk Grove, CaFrom what I've read Evanescence isn't ahamed to be called a Christian band its just that doing so isn't always tremendously fashionable. Creed has helped to disprove this theory....This song came at a time for my daughters (Sara now 14 and Sophie now 12) when we were dealing with ALOT well..stuff..I was pretty broken as a mom, I'd always been VERY strong but everything was crumbling beneath my feet...I couldn't seem to hold my family together no matter how hard I tried and this song...well this song...all three of us at one time or another cried..and cried...listening to this song over and meant different things to all three of us...Me in my late 30's and having lived life....and them in their early teens...the music made us feel when we were all trying not to I guess...the long and the short of it is that Sara & daughters have been with their father since last June...I've since become a Christian and see the whole world differently...there IS matter HOW bad it seems...I wait (not so patiently) to reunite wih my girls...ALL of the pain I had is gone now that the Lord is in my life...I want my awesome daughters to see that their pain can be erased too...just believe girls...have FAITH and HOPE ! BELIEVE....

    Peace & love....
  • Tory from Cushing, OkI think it is fine they don't want to be known as a christian group. As long as they don't turn they're back on God!!!!! I still go for what they want,and not just because I'm Amy Lee's cousin!!
  • Charissa from Chepachet, RiI totally love this band but i agree with you guys on the thing about being ashamed....i mean they came out known as a Christian band and then denied it because they were'nt selling many cds. if they really are Christian they shouldnt be all. they should be proud. but anyways i love this band's music EVANESCENCE ROCKS
  • Tc from Oob, Me"I agree with Fernandel,they should never be ashamed of the Lord. He gives us the power to get wealth" says Tammy from New Zealand. If "God" gives the power to people to get wealthy, why so many poor an homeless? Basically what Im trying to say is that Amy Lee got the number one spot because she has a great voice backed up by an awesome band, not the "power of God". Thank You
  • Jessica from York, PaI don't think they're ashamed to be a Christian band, but that's the thing, they're not a Christian band. Yes, they're Christians, yes, they're a band, but they're not a Christian band. Their songs focus on more things than just God.
  • Whitney from Tacoma, WaIt really doesnt matter to me if they are a "CHRISTIAN" band or not . In fact it doesnt matter to me if they believe or what they believe. What matters is does it touch me??? Well this song touches us and brings us to life... therefore what does it matter who their "God" is????? I know who mine is and thats all that matters. People would be surprised to find out how many songs we listen to have a root from religion.... So if you dont buy "christian" music then I say you should stop listening to music altogether because its all spiritual in some way or another it depends on how open your mind is.
  • T.r. from South Bend, InJust out of curiosity, Michael, how does a band with, apparently, explicit lyrics, have religious elements in their lyrics?
  • Michael from San Martin, Caits ok to listen to religious music. we all listen to disturbeds new album right? they have hella religious elements in it.
  • Britney from Calabasas, Cai think like a U2 song the meaning is unspecified. it could mean anything. i love the writing style of it.
  • Will from Mcallen , Txthis song is obviously about talking to god. or someone having an "awakening".
  • Britney from Calabasas, CaA Christian band?! I would never thought it out. What makes them awesome I think, is they sound and look very euro, which is good. More bands need too be like that I think. This song has got me hooked the second I heard the piano intro. Its just a good song. Reminds me of John Lennon's songs in a sense that it leaves you to take imagination and run with it. The song is just beautiful and great. Evanescence is something great, fresh, artistic, euro, and real. Its nice to know there is actual talent that exists in a world overpopulated with the wrong kind of people. I love Amy's voice, I hope they win all the grammys they're nominated for. Rock on! :)
  • Sharon from Yonkers, NyWell I Think Evanescence is a cool band and they should continue there band especially Amy Lee she has a great voice and she sings so good including her #1 Song Bring Me To Life That song is my favorite Song Rock On Evanescence!!!!
    -Brian O'Connor Yonkers,N.Y
  • Earthelfa from N/a, MoUsually, saying that you are a "so and so" religion band usually will exclude and turn away certain listeners. I doubt that I personally would listen to them if they classified themselves as such because I'd feel that, simply because I'm not Christian, I shouldn't listen to their music. It's a discrimination issue.
  • Mandie from Martinsville, InI heard that the song was about self injury & suicide.
  • Krissy from Stow, CoJust so everyone knows Evanescence is not a Christian band, and they never were. The band is not ashamed to be Christian; they just don't want to cut people off from their music. Do you look down on other secular groups or just Evanescence? Why do you think they are ashamed? They aren't, they just don't want to be known for their religion, they want to be known for their music. They want their fans to be from all different backgrounds, and if they were a Christian band this would limit who their music reached.
  • Holly from London, United StatesHow about the fact that they are not a christin band- as they've said on many occassions??? Read the interviews people- they want everyone to hear their music, not what religion they are.
  • Tammy from Auckland, New ZealandI agree with Fernandel,they should never be ashamed of the Lord. He gives us the power to get wealth, what could be better than proclaiming your love for Him and using that God given talent to bring people closer to Him.

    Tammy, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Jon from Grand Forks, NdThis song originally caught my ear since I'm a fan of Linkin Park's style of music, but after buying the latest album I'm utterly hooked on Amy's voice. Record another album!!!
  • Richard from Hamilton, New ZealandWell, I personally don't buy Christian bands, because I hate being preached to. I bought this CD randomly, and I loved it, except the song Tourniquet. Even though I love it all now. I bought a Marilyn Manson and Cradle of Filth CD straight after to blance things out. Anyhew, I though that Amy Lee wasn't Christian, only Ben...
  • Virnalisa from Santo Domingo, OtherWell i think that the song is awesome and Amy Lee has a great voice something that the mayority of the pop artists today don't have.Well about them being a Christian band isn't really a big deal and i think that they decided to declare themselves as a non christian band because they probably were afraid that it
    would affect the sales of the album
  • Toni from Roanoke, VaI love this song. Amy Lee has an awesome voice.
  • Sco from Plano, TxI don't really think they're ashamed to be known as a Christian band rather than the fact that society portrays Christian music as bad or unpopular. In which case, they would rather be known more for their music than their religion not because of shame, but for popularity or maybe that the music is more important to them than the people who perform it.
  • Fernandel from Boston, MaThat is to bad that They are ashamed to be called a Christian band. They should be proud about what they sing about and who put them at the number one spot. The Lord Jesus Christ!!!!
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