Album: Anywhere But Home (2004)


  • This song is about a relationship in which the girl is realizing the guy she is in love with doesn't love her. She has given up everything but he still doesn't notice or care. >>
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  • Andra from Littleton, CoTo me, missing explains what a person is thinking before and after they kill themselves...
    (Before: Please, please forgive me, but I wont be home again; you wont cry for my absence I know)
    (After: Isn't something missing; Isn't someone missing me?)
  • Sil from Uk, United Kingdomhang on a mintue its nothing to do with any off you alot has happend its not about people who drink its all about whats happend to her watch her video nmore propely and you will get it more but its not nice that you all have to keep bringing it up stop and leave her alone she dosent need this godsake
  • Lexxus from Not Telling......;d, TxI love this song. This is my first time listening to it....
  • Melissa from Tasmania,When I listen to this song, I imagine everyone is pissing up and I give up on life and someone looks around blindly and knows something is missing but goes on with their life without finding out what as does everyone else.. I wish someone could see I am missing.
  • Crystal from Fresno, CaMy brother cries when he hears this song because of how our mother treated him when he was younger. So whenever I hear this song, I think of him and how times were back then, and I'm glad that I'm not in that situation anymore.
  • Jamie from Cleveland, OhThere are a few hidden thing within this song that you people are not catching, you all are simply saying that it's about a break up which it may be. But why did they break up? There's a story hidden in the song. A libe from the song "I know what you do to yourself." so that means the guy is doing something to himself such as drugs or alchohol. Alchohol is a relatable subject to Amy Lee seeing that her ex-boyfriend, who is the lead singer of the band Seether, was an alchoholic and that's why they broke up. In the beggining the song states, "Maybe someday you'll look up and barely consious you'll say to no one." What she means by "Barely consious" is that he was intoxicated. After the break up they both feel as if something is missing out of their lifes. Does this not make sense? I don't know. But I think this is the real story behind the song.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI can't really relate to this song. I really like a guy and we used to be really great friends. At the time, he was dating this girl who I really hated. Now he kind of hates me, because he doesn't know that I like him, and I'm not just trying to be evil. But now he's dating this girl who is going out with other guys behind his back. It makes my skin crawl. And how all of you use the term 'love' so loosely is wrong. Even I don't think I love the guy I'm talking about. I wish I did so I could say it to his face, but I don't.

  • Trogbob from San Diego, CaPretty Deep...
  • Al from Nyc, Nyi listened to Missing reversed. I don't know if the message was intentional, or just by mistake, but you can clearly hear Amy saying "I warned you, listen for once, is he with us? is he? I love him, well I guess he's far from us, I don't know where he is, I want him" These reversed lyrics kind of relates to the message of the song. Coincidence? I have no idea. However, the article you will find if you follow this link http://www.reversespeech.com/article0903.htm may shed some light on this mystery.
  • Mandy101 from Adamsville, TnI forgot one, to Bronte, Wrexham, Wales. people would notice if you died. At my school there was a boy who was always picked on. One girl even pretended to be his friend for a joke and ended up telling him so he'd leave her alone. Well he made up a hit list, never went through with it, but did kill himself. His mother found him in his room and was devistated. Everyone who made fun of him cried and still do to this day. And it turned out there was one girl who never talked to him that REALLY liked him. He never knew it. So go ahead and talk to the person you care about to see if something can happen
  • Mandy101 from Adamsville, TnFirst off, I agree with everyone on here. This song, to me can be seen as Religious like Kara, Cadillac, MI and I believe. Or it can be seen as a girl who is still in love with a boy after they break up. But to all of you who are talking about how it relates to you because you "love" this boy that you have never talked to, you don't need to use that term so losely. If you go around saying that you love someone that you have never talked to or atleast kissed, you don't love them and no one will take you seriously when you do fall in love. And to the girl who say's it reminds her of her mother and her, You have great respect from me and I wish you the best.
  • Sarah from Boston, Mathe thing thats missing is the love
    oh and kara
    there not a christian band

    give it up
  • Matt from Nowhere, InI love this song so much!! I think this song could be interpreted as being about a mother who died during child birth or it could be about unrequited love.
  • Meghan from Portland, Mei can relate to this song alot. its one of the best songs out there!!
  • Kevin from Squaw Valley, CaIt ssounds as if she is telling her family in Little Rock goodbye.
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiI can relate to the song, but I can't relate to the comments here, mostly because I'm over (way over) the age of 15. I believe the song is about the way we turn our backs on Jesus (the sacrifice) and how we will, one day realize that He is missing from our lives. It also talks about the way that this breaks his heart.
  • Bronte from Wrexham, WalesI love this song, it's how i feel about most things in life because the people i love wouldn't notice if i died, like a guy at my school, he doesn't notice me and wouldn't notice if i went missing. The line "though i'd die to know you love me" is true to me because i would die for him or just to know that he felt the same.....
  • Cassandra from Houston, TxIs there a song by Evanescense .that when a former fiance' .moves in with another woman after 4 months after a loved 1 passes away?
  • Tara from Somewhere, Flthis song to me sounds more like a family hating you. i think this because it's how i feel constantly and the feeling never goes away. excpecially to my mother.

    then, there's another thing, this boy i'm in love at my school...
  • Catherine from Corona, Ca This reminds me of a guy called James I am in love with, and he didn't talk to me or even notice me. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and *sniff!* It was like he never loved me!
  • Crystal from Stockton, CaNot being loved by the one that you adore is so hard. This is one of my favorites from Evanescence.
  • Stacey from Vic, AustraliaThis is such a sad and beautiful song all at the same time. I can relate to it...
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