Album: A Fever Dream (2017)
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  • This pummeling track about instant-grat culture came from a moment of serendipity while attempting to create another song called "Next." Frontman Jonathan Higgs told NME that from there, the band added a little "glam stomp" and "everything just clicked."
  • Higgs explained the story behind the video. "We wanted to do something really bright and featuring us," he said. "Our first single was really dark, we weren't in it, and it had loads of mysterious dancers in it – so we thought we'd do the complete opposite of it, for the sake of it really. We made a room out of video screens, massive video walls. We were looking around thinking 'someone must have done this', but we couldn't find anything."

    "It's kind of like that think in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' when they go 'magnific-o-o-o-o-o,'" Higgs continued. That repeated [image], but we were doing it into all of the walls so it's got this multiplicity thing going in which made it look really cool."

    "We wanted it to be a big, trippy explosion of light and colour, and having this feeling of intensity," he concluded. "Of desiring to clone yourself or make yourself into more than one thing."
  • Speaking with Annie Mac on her BBC Radio 1 show, Higgs said:

    "It’s kind of just about… desire, obviously. But, wanting something so much that you don’t care about the consequences of getting it. Sometimes I feel like that’s how people are living nowadays. It’s just they really really want something and they go for it and they don’t care about the aftermath, the fall out."


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