The Mariana

Album: A Deeper Sea (2018)


  • Here, Everything Everything look at the subject of masculinity. Singer Jonathan Higgs told NME: "It's about male identity and suicide and the current crisis there is, whether you believe it or not, with being male."

    "I'm trying to get my head around that and thinking about it quite a lot so I wrote this song," he added. "There's a line about drifting down into the dark sea and falling into the barrier and the [Mariana] trench. It's another way to talk about all of these things like depression."
  • The song's title is a reference to the Mariana Trench, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean. A crescent-shaped scar in the Earth's crust, it reaches a maximum-known depth of 10,994 metres (36,070 ft). making it the deepest place on this planet.
  • The music video shows an amateur five-a-side football team enjoying a game in slow motion. "The song talks about male identity and the current high rate of suicide among men in the UK, I wanted to capture some men in a natural setting – no actors or contrived sequences," explained Jonathan Higgs. "I settled on amateur football as it's so closely allied to male identity, and a game is a good place to look for unguarded emotions, separate from the everyday. We filmed The Granada Old Boys at Manchester Tennis and Football Centre, in the shadow of the Eithad Stadium."


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