There Is No God

Album: Waiting For The Punchline (1995)
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  • This song kicks off Waiting For The Punchline. Despite the title, it is not an anti-God song. It is quite the opposite. Gary Cherone, an outspoken Christian, had this to say about the song in an interview with the Christian rock magazine Heaven's Metal: "I tried to pick apart the lyrics and I've pitted religion verses science and the parallels that they have and the leap of faith that you have to take with both. You know what' I'm glad I have to take this leap of faith of believing in God. I don't think God would have it any other way. You know, you hear that argument, 'Well, if there is a God, why doesn't He come on television and show us?' Coincidentally, I just read something in Romans this morning about how men profess to be wise, but are foolish and that God makes Himself known. The creation of God is the evidence of God, you know? If you can't see that, then you're blind and you're letting your intellect be your God - and that's pretty vain - you have to have a pretty big ego. That's 'There Is No God.' That title... I don't know where that came from. Obviously, it probably came from the paraphrase from Time magazine's headline - 'God Is Dead.' 'I could easily say it's devil's advocate (and) I'm playing the role. I don't think it's so much a devil's advocate. It ends up being a question. I'm sure you have friends or you like to have heated debate when it comes to evolution and stuff like that. I guess that's one of my pet peeves. The amount of faith that it takes - the leap of faith you have to take - to believe in an ameba coincidentally, by chance, evolving into a human being. This Carl Sagan quote: 'billions and billions of years...' Does he realize what a billion is? I might be babbling here, but it's always interested me." >>
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  • V. from BaltimorePsalm 14:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
  • Rocco from Tucson, AzComing from the same person who is credited for writing this:

    “Little girl come out and play
    I got some candy for my baby
    It's your sweet sixteenth birthday celebration
    Thank heaven for little girls who
    Grow up in a most peculiar way
    You might think she's too young for me
    (Little girls)
    You know I always say you're as young as you feel
    (As you feel)
    Yeah, I might be crazy 'cause I like them so young
    (Little girls)
    But with little girls the best is yet to come come
    (Yet to come)
    Some they say I'm too old for her
    Old enough to be her father
    Incestual blood is thicker than water
    Do what's right not morally wrong
    Flesh and blood can only be so strong
    And it's my god not yours I'll have to answer
    Thank heaven for little girls who
    Grow up in a most peculiar way”

  • Ron Baloga from Pittston, PaI Love the music to this song, and I understand that the lead singer Gary Cherone says it's not an "anti-God" song. Unfortunately, to most radio listeners, that does not come across. Many songs including this one don't have enough overt references to the true meaning of the lyrics. The most prevalent part of most songs is in the Chorus. Sadly because the singer rants "There Is No God" so much, during the chorus, that this is the message most will hear. Most people just won't pick apart all of the lyrics. It's a shame because the music is so good.
  • Keefe from SingaporeBelief based on lack of evidence is a LIE!
  • Rocio from Canberra , Australiaagreed... the man has a point! and he says it brilliantly!
  • Trogbob from San Diego, Cainteresting stuff...
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