Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Album: Take This To Your Grave (2003)


  • This song is about the band missing their families and friends back in Chicago; everything reminds them of their problems and unfinished things that they miss on tour.
  • The backing vocals towards the end of the song: "Every blade of grass" is sung by Justin Pierre, the lead singer of Motion City Soundtrack. >>
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    Ben - Reading, England

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  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationMore Songs About Chicago, Illinois:

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  • Balls from Chiiiicago, Ilhello. im from chicago. fall out boy rocks. my brother met the band and this song is definatly solely about chicago not some of pete wentzs whore gfs. go bears
  • Leslie from Hartsville, Tnawseome song big FALL OUT BOY fan have 3 posters of them
  • Roy from Chicago, IlTo Anne:

    The song is not about any of Pete's ex girlfriends. The one you're referring to is Jeanae, but the song is not about her.

    Peter moved to LA in 2005, this song was written in 2002 realeased in 2003, so therefore it has nothing to do with LA.

    It is correct that the chorus of the song is about the band members missing home when they are on tour.

    However, the verse, pre-chorus, and outro is mainly about broken up and jilted lovers. Simple as that.

    You guys need to realize that songs can have multiple themes, and major and minor themes.
  • Camel from Somewhere, CaPatrick isn't singing every blade of grass, it's "every pane of glass that your pebble tap, negates the things I went through to avoid you"

    oh and in the line, "my heart is on my sleeve" they mean they were completely honest to the person about their feelings.

  • Shelby from North Augusta, Scwhoever said this is about missing your family is a stupid retard
    does this sound like song abput your family
    "cause every pane of glass that your pebbles tap negates the pains i went through to avoid you
    and every little pat on the shoulder for attention fails to mention i still hate you"
    "you want apologies
    girl, you might hold your breath
    until your breathing stops forever, forever
    (...every pane of glass) the only thing you'll get
    is this curse on your lips:
    (every pane of) i hope they taste of me forever"
    "with every breath i wish your body will be broken again, again" i mean hello read the lyrics so you will know what the song is about
    by the way the first comment by anne is right thats what this song i about
  • Anne from Chicago, Ilthis song is about pete wentz's ex gf, jeanne, he moved to LA to get out of that tough realtionship, but in the end he realized that chicago will always be his home, trust me i do my research
  • Christy from St.marys, CanadaMaybe about how the band is feeling that they want to relive their lives in Chicago but know what happenend in the past cant be changed
  • Natalie from Chiago, IlI'm from Chicago, so I have to love this song. It is my dad's favorite song. I honestly don't think this song is that dark.
  • Banana from Seattle, Wathis has nothing really to do with family... i think he wants to come home but he doesn't want to see this girl who he has a past relationship with... you can tell by the lines "every little pat on your shoulder for attention fails to mention i still hate you" and "you want apologies girl you might hold your braeth until your breathing stops forever the only thing youll get is this curse on your lips, i hope they taste of me forever..."
  • Sara from Austin, Txthis song... it's a little too angry for that, isn't it? i mean, "with every breath i wish your body will be broken again.."?
    sounds more like a jilted lover to me.
    from what i can tell, the guy has been hurt badly by this girl. but it also seems like he STILL wants to come home to her.
    awesome song either way. <3
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