Just One Yesterday

Album: Save Rock And Roll (2013)


  • This lost-love lament finds Patrick Stump pining for a romance gone sour. He is joined by Foxes, who provides backing vocal counterpoint on the chorus, as well as taking center stage on the bridge. British singer Foxes, whose birth name is Louisa Rose Allen, can also heard on Zedd's EDM hit "Clarity."
  • Bassist Pete Wentz told the Toronto Sun that of all the tracks on Save Rock and Roll, he is particularly proud of this tune. "That's a song that Fall Out Boy could not have written ten years ago," he said. "We couldn't have even written that before the hiatus. I think that was good, it was a departure. It was Fall Out Men."
  • Patrick Stump's original demo was more stripped down and mainly acoustic than the finished song. He didn't like it, but everybody else loved what he'd done.
  • The collaboration with Foxes came about after Pete Wentz heard her voice during a New Year's Eve party at his house. "Someone just put her song 'Youth' on and I said, 'Holy s--t, this voice needs to be on our album,'" Wentz told Billboard magazine. "Patrick's never done a true duet, so that seemed like a cool thing to do."


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