Album: Neon Zombie (2021)
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  • Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has made plenty of mistakes in his life. They include:

    A two and a half year prison sentence for violating probation related to his involvement in a 2006 killing.

    An arrest for domestic violence.

    A lawsuit for throwing a microphone stand that hit a 13-year-old girl.

    Radke also has a history of controversial tweets and Instagram posts, including an unfortunate 9/11 joke.

    Here, Radke rails against the contemporary cancel culture where people won't forget the crimes he committed a decade or more ago. There is no forgiveness for folks like him; American society hates them to the extent they are "zombified" or akin to "the walking dead."
  • Radke penned the song with Cody Quistad of the band Wage War, and with the songwriter Jon Lundin. He also co-produced it with Myth, the co-vocalist of alternative rock/metal group Dangerkids. Other Falling in Reverse tracks Myth has worked on include "Losing My Life" and "Popular Monster."
  • Los Angeles filmmaker Jensen Noen directed the music video, which finds the band amid a zombie invasion. Noen has shot several other visuals for Falling in Reverse, including "I'm Not a Vampire (Revamped)" and "Popular Monster."
  • "Zombified" climbed to #1 on Billboard's Hot Hard Rock Songs dated January 22, 2022. It was Falling in Reverse's second track to top the chart, following "Popular Monster."

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  • Tim from ScRegarding the anonymous comment about being bias... you state "They started fighting and then the other guys had a gun and so Ronnie's friend shot them in SELF-DEFENSE "

    what's interesting in your comment is you claim "the other guys" had a gun.... sounds to me like both parties brought a gun to the dance.... bias much ? :)
  • AnonymousNah Ronnie’s whole personality is being an a--hole lol
  • AnonymousWhat does his past have to do with this song? He topped the charts just last month, obviously he was not canceled. The picture is far larger than you can apparently comprehend. You are clearly part of the zombified that has been brainwashed into thinking they are raging against the machine when they are actually just raging for it. Although the man is not perfect, no one is, you have painted him in a very biased light. The facts are that a few guys and himself planned to meet up with a few other guys for a fight. They started fighting and then the other guys had a gun and so Ronnie's friend shot them in SELF-DEFENSE and the only reason Ronnie was charged was for the fist fighting. Not involved in a killing as such phrasing is slanderous to put negative connotations as if planned with malicious intent. An arrest for domestic violence. Any woman can be bitter and say a man abused her when he didn't and the police has to do there job, not saying that was what happened, but the charges were dropped so I guess decide for yourself after doing the proper research. The microphone stand should never have been thrown out into crowd, no excuses, that was not properly thought through. I believe his intent wasn't to hurt anyone, but still not acceptable. If you're going to write an opinion piece, state it as such, instead of wrapping it up in "fact" wrapping paper.
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