The Wind

Album: Pleasure (2017)
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  • Going through the Paradise album track by track with The Globe, Feist said she made a concerted effort to avoid her go-to instinct for metaphors using natural elements. "I wanted to catch myself in that knee-jerk reaction of invoking nature instead of telling myself what it is I'm trying to say."

    Um, but the Canadian songstress has a track on the album called "The Wind." "Okay, well that's fine, because it's not a metaphor," Feist responded laughing. "It's the actual wind I'm singing about."
  • Feist explained the story behind the song: "A few years ago, I started going up to Georgian Bay. I started to see the Group of Seven and those famous Douglas firs that face the same direction. Spending time sitting on a rock, the wind is coming from hundreds of miles away, with nothing to stop it for days. The line, 'And the trees for their hundred years, lean north like calligraphy.' That's the Douglas firs. That's Tom Thomson."


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