A Little Work

Album: Double Dutchess (2017)
  • This song finds Fergie opening about past mistakes involving drug addiction issues: "It's all about how everything is a battle with the mind," she explained to Page 6. "It is how you change things slowly, little by little. Sometimes it is not the easiest way to go, but that's how we better ourselves. The song is definitely about a battle with myself and my own demons."
  • Fergie explained during an appearance on the December 14, 2017 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers how the song lyrics were inspired by her past battles with drug addiction.

    "This song is really autobiographical, and it's just one of those ones where I really just lifted everything and just got down to the heart and soul of myself," she said. "This song is really personal because it's about being imperfect and really kind of saying, 'OK, we're all imperfect in some way.' We've all got something."
  • Fergie's son Axl Jack appears briefly in the song's music video.


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