Enchanté (Carine)

Album: Double Dutchess (2017)
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  • This song, especially its French-language chorus, was inspired by noted fashion editor Carine Roitfeld, formerly of Vogue Paris.

    "She's a legend - she knows what she wants, she's very detail-orientated, which I love - and very chic," Fergie told Women's Wear Daily. "For me, I like to learn from people like her, to elevate my style. Like I learned from her with hosiery, it was very important to have the line straight up the back of the leg. So now anytime with the hosiery, the line must be meticulously straight! Even how to say 'oui' - like a chic Parisian girl."

    "[My song] 'Enchante' is an homage to her, because she would teach me these chic little things and talk about Brigitte Bardot and such," she added. "You can't help but be attracted to that and learn from it - I just love being a sponge in all of it."
  • The song has an unexpected feature: Fergie's four-year-old son, Axl. The singer explained how Axl's contribution came to be, during an interview on 97.1 AMP Radio in Los Angeles.

    "I would be playing songs and he just picked up on 'Enchanté (Carine),'" Fergie revealed. "He would just be singing and I was like, 'Ahhhh!' When you hear your baby singing in French, it was like, oh gosh, I gotta get this. So I'm following him around with a recorder like, 'Let's sing again! Let's make it the jumping into the pillows song! So every time I jump I'll sing it, and every time you jump you'll sing it.' So I finally got one that was decent and usable. It was just so cute."
  • The stylish music video stars model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner, who we see wandering around a minimalist home in various trendy outfits, lip-syncing to the track. Fergie doesn't appear in the clip but her son Axl has a brief cameo.

    "It was just really natural," the singer smiled when recalling the filming of Axl's cameo to People. "We had planned to just film it whether he wanted to come or not - I just missed my son and wanted him to come to set! I was like, 'Well, we can walk out of the church with him or not, depending on what mood Axl is in. If he's crying and he doesn't want to do it, then we won't do it!' But he was completely into it, we just made it like a play date. We play all the time at home in several costumes per day, so for us it was just another activity. We have a lot of good times!"


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