A Little Bit Off


  • We all wake up feeling really down in the dumps some days, and this has happened to Ivan Moody on this number. During the acoustic guitar backed song he sings of waking up "a little off" and now everyone's driving him crazy and he's got a "really short fuse."
  • Moody admits to masking what's going on inside him.

    I told a little white lie today, I smiled and told someone I loved them

    He couldn't even show his emotions when bidding farewell to someone he's close to.

    I had to say goodbye today to someone that I love
    I couldn't even cry today, I think my heart is finally broken

    The singer smokes some weed in an attempt to escape his depression.

    I got a little too high today, got lost inside a sea of madness
  • Fans linked the song with Ivan Moody's struggles with mental health, but by the time it was released as the second single off F8, the US was in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. The lyrics took on a new meaning applying to people's emotions as they struggled to deal with the COVID-19 nightmare.
  • "A Little Bit Off" reached #1 on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart, becoming the hard rock five-piece's ninth song to top the tally. The previous eight were: "Coming Down," "Battle Born," "Lift Me Up," "Wash It All Away," "Sham Pain," "When The Seasons Change," a cover of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Blue On Black," and "Inside Out."
  • Five Finger Death Punch's original plan for the video was an epic chess battle between an angel and a demon. Having conceptualized the clip, F8 came out right just as the COVID-19 pandemic started sweeping through the Western world, so the band had to settle for a relatively minimalist visual featuring a chess match between guitarist Zoltan Bathory and bassist Chris Kael dressed up as an angel and demon. We also see Ivan Moody walking around an empty downtown Las Vegas.

    Rob Anderson shot the video during lockdown in a deserted, car-free Las Vegas. Anderson also directed the band's clip for "Sham Pain."
  • Written and recorded from May to October 2019 with Five Finger Death Punch's go-to producer Kevin Churko, F8 is a defiant record, inspired by, in the band's own words, "two years of turmoil." This distress includes Ivan Moody's alcohol addiction and the departure of drummer Jeremy Spencer because of a damaged back.


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